Thursday, February 20, 2014

Pick Your Engagement Ring

The infographic titled ‘Pick Your Engagement Ring’ has been created by Classic Creations with the big idea of showing how the choice of an engagement ring can tell about the couple. The engagement  reflects  the type of relationship the couple has and the type of wedding they are likely to plan.

The infographic adumbrates:
  • Different Types Of Engagement Rings
  • What the Ring Shoes About Your Style
  • What Type Of Relationship You Two Have
  • Type Of Wedding Expected From The Couple

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Make Your Anniversary Special with These Tips

Anniversary is an occasion where you come together to celebrate that blissful moment when you and your soul mate first met or tied the nuptial knots. It is a special moment where you can reminisce the moments when you started on this beautiful journey called love. For a special occasion like an anniversary, it is important that you make it extra special for your spouse or partner. Here are some interesting ideas that will make your anniversary more special –

  • Whether it is the place where you went for your honeymoon or a place you had been vying to visit, go on a holiday. Relive the moments that you shared and the places that you visited during that time.
  • You can even plan a special day with your loved one in your home. Plan a surprise at home by preparing his favorite food or order out something that you both love. Gift her bottle of her favorite wine and spend the night cuddled in each other’s arms.
  • Visit a spa and indulge in a relaxing body massage and sauna bath. Make these relaxing times special by getting close with your partner. After a day of rejuvenation, go out for an extravagant dinner at your favorite restaurant.
  • Get kinky. Anniversary is a time when you can indulge in all your fantasies without your partner complaining. Make the most of it and play the bad guy or bad girl without any inhibition.
  • When it comes to making it special for a woman, nothing beats a diamond. So if you are loaded with work and do not have time to spare for a vacation, show your love for your lady by gifting her exquisite diamond jewelry. When you are buying the diamond ring for her, ensure that you buy something which is not only the best in quality, but also matches her preference. Find the most reputable diamond jewelers and gift her diamond that will always shine on her.
An anniversary is the perfect time to come close to your partner and make him/her feel special. Anniversary also gives you an opportunity to mend ways with each other if things are not going good with you two. Plan your day in such a manner that would help you in keeping the embers of love and passion burning for times to come.

Wedding Gifts and Why You Need them?

Gifting your friends on their wedding is a sweet gesture for showing your happiness, gratitude and wishing the couple on their wedding. A wedding is a special occasion for every individual. This is the day they have been waiting for to tie the knot with the one they love. It is the wedding that unites two souls in an eternal relationship. To be a part of someone’s wedding symbolizes being a part of their happiness. People call their friends and loved ones on their wedding as they want to share their happiness with the best people around them. So by bringing them a gift that they would cherish could be one of the best things that you can do for a couple.

There are numerous gifts that you can bring for a couple on their wedding day. Whether it is a small best wishes card, flowers, book, fine wine, Toronto diamond rings or a honeymoon package, a gift is a way to tell your friends that you care and wish that they remain compatible and happy for their lifetime. However, when you are buying a wedding gift, make sure that you are aware of the preference of the couple and gift them accordingly. Find the best gift and send your best wishes.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Gifts to Consider for a Wedding

Love is in the air and your friend too has decided to tie the nuptial band. Most people feel it difficult to find the right gift for their friends on their wedding. So if you are invited to your friend’s wedding but feel confused about what to gift the couple on their big day, here are some innovative ideas that will help you decide –

  • Timeless gifts – You can gift your friend something that he or she will always cherish for life. Whether it is a bottle of old wine or scotch, a beautiful art piece or vase, it will always make your friend remember the occasion.
  • Holiday package – You knew your friend and she always wanted to spend her honeymoon in an exotic place. There is no better way to make your friend enjoy the wedding by gifting him/her a holiday package. However, you need to ask your friend to ensure that they do not have made the plans beforehand.
  • Diamond jewelry – There can never be a better gift than diamonds to give to a woman and diamond jewelry is the best things that you can gift to your friend. Women love diamonds and gifting a diamond is the best way to show your feelings. If your friend is the groom, you can gift him bracelets or earrings. Be it a diamond ring, bracelet or stud, diamond jewelry will always make the wedding day special gift to give on a wedding. However when you are buying diamond rings, keep in mind that you buy them from the best and reputable jewelers only.
  • Surprise gift – If you want to gift something that brings a smile on your friends’ face, send them good wish wishes certificates or cards on their honeymoon. You can also arrange for a bottle of fine wine to be sent on their cruise or to their hotel where they are honeymooning. If you want to further shell out some money, then you can arrange for a spa package or day tours for their holiday.
There are so many ways through which you can express your love, best wishes and warm feeling towards your friends on their wedding. Keep these ideas in mind and make your friend feel special on his/her wedding day.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

How Engagement Rings are Made?

Get a rare look inside a jewelry factory and see how custom diamond engagement rings are made from design, to a 3D-printed model, stone setting, polishing and laser engraving.


How Much Should You Spend on a Engagement Ring?

Buying an engagement ring for your loved ones could be a good idea. However, spending a lot on engagement rings in current economic times holds no longer true. This infographic highlights the various factors to consider while setting a budget for engagement ring.