Tuesday, May 28, 2013

4 Principles for Selecting the Perfect Wedding Rings for Men

 Wedding rings are something for a lifetime. It is an investment that you have to make after careful scrutiny. Here are the 4 principles of selecting the perfect wedding rings for men –

  • The most important thing to keep in mind is the metal. You have to first decide the metal according to your preference and budget. Platinum is a rage and tungsten is also gaining popularity. Gold on the other hand is the most popular choice as it can be alloyed with other metals to give a distinct look.

  • Decide on the pattern next. Select from simple traditional bands or bands with more noticeable designs and patterns.

  • Gemstones also have to be considered while selecting a wedding ring. You can go for black diamonds or sapphires if you feel diamonds are too flashy for you.

  • Fit is another consideration that has to be kept in mind. Select a band that perfectly fits in your finger and is also comfortable to wear.

Keep these tips in mind and select the best wedding ring in Toronto.

Affordable Wedding Rings and Bands

wedding rings
Weddings are always a special occasion and a sacred union of two souls. One of the most basic traditions in weddings is the exchanging of the wedding rings. A wedding ring is a symbol of an eternal and undying love and you do not need to spend your fortune to depict your love. Here are some tips for finding affordable wedding bands –

  • Cost of a wedding ring mostly depends upon the diamonds. Decreasing the carat size is one of the easiest ways for having an affordable ring. 

  • In order to make diamonds appear larger, it is advisable to settle them on a thin band. 

  • Selecting a diamond with a little color will not only make you spend less on your wedding ring, but it will also add a different look to the ring.

  • If you are on a budget, you can use gemstones instead of diamonds for the wedding bands.

Affordable wedding bands do not mean that they look flawed or cheap. Always remember that to actually see flaws in a diamond, one has to look through a microscope, while they look. Keep these tips in mind and create a beautiful impression with an affordable wedding ring.

The Best Ideas for Wedding Bands for Men

Marriages are made in heaven. From selecting the guest list to deciding on the venue and menu, everything is carefully worked upon to enhance the total feel of the marriage. If you have stuck over finding the perfect wedding bands for your man, here are some of the best ideas that will ease you on your quest –

Platinum – Platinum is the first choice when it comes to wedding bands. Extremely durable, pure and dense metal, platinum bands are the most stunning choices for wedding bands, although a little expensive.

Tungsten – Tungsten is the latest trend in wedding bands and is gaining popularity owing to its durability and scratch resistant surface.

Gold – From ages, gold has remained the most popular choice for wedding bands and it still continues to be the same. Even though it is a softer metal as compared to platinum, gold is largely preferred owing to its color, glitter and durability.

Apart from these three popular choices, silver and titanium wedding bands are also gaining popularity. Choose the best wedding band after a careful planning and keep the warm memories alive in your heart for years to come.

How to Select Engagement Rings?

Diamond Engagement Ring
 An engagement is the first step towards happy ever afters and fairytale romances. It is a spiritual union of two souls, taking them towards a blissful marital experience. If you are wondering how to select the most stunning engagement ring for your fiancĂ©e, here are some brilliant ideas that will help you –

  • It is universally known that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. So the obvious choice for an engagement ring comes to be a diamond ring. A beautifully cut and crafted diamond perched alone or with a cluster of smaller diamonds can create a wonderful lifelong expression of love.
  • Apart from diamonds, other good ideas for a wedding ring include rare gems and birthstones. You can use a combination of two stones or a bigger gem as the center piece surrounded by smaller diamonds.
  • If you are thinking of buying her diamonds, then platinum is the best option. However, you can also go for white gold, palladium or silver as platinum can be a little expensive.

Engagement rings speak straight from the heart. When you are selecting engagement rings, keep in mind that you pay attention to the preference of your partner so that she can cherish the ring for an eternity.

Anniversary Rings – Create Memories for a Lifetime


Whether it is one year or fifty years, there is a no better way to express your love than gifting your beloved an anniversary ring. Whether it is a huge diamond encrusted in a beautiful platinum band or two simple yet similar rings for both of you, anniversary rings are the perfect souvenirs for creating memories for a lifetime.

Classic Anniversary Ring

There are various options when it comes to selecting the right anniversary ring. The most popular are the diamond 3-stone rings or small diamonds circling a bigger diamond or stone. You can also personalize the ring as per the preference of your partner so that you can cherish the memories associated with it. Select diamonds that suggest your years of marriage, or your children or any other significant feature of your married life. Another great option is getting the side bands engraved with a small message to make your partner feel special.

Whether it is 50 years or a few years, gifting a diamond anniversary ring to your partner is undoubtedly the most romantic thing to do. Watch the gentle sparkle in your partner’s eyes when you gift him/her an anniversary ring and celebrate the togetherness.