Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Top 10 Biggest Diamonds in the World [InfoGraphic]

The infographic entitled “Top 10 Biggest Diamonds in the World (2014)” has been created to highlight the top ten biggest diamonds of the world accounted till the year 2014, which are rare and unique of their kind.

The infographic describes the history, current ownership, and characteristic features of all the 10 diamonds. It holds the information regarding the famous ‘The Golden Jubilee’, ‘The Incomparable’, ‘The Red Cross’, and many others, that are known all over the world for their unique brilliance and sizes.

The infographic undoubtedly helps to understand the importance of diamond across the world and also about various cuts, colors and carat of diamond that make diamonds so precious and attractive.

Moreover, the infographic also shows the importance of diamond in one’s life and once again establishes the firm belief that diamonds, still, are the most liked precious jewellery across the world.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Custom Diamond Engagement Rings: The Sign of Perfect Excellence

Today, engagements are not the same, as it used to be few decades back. Ofcourse, the tradition is still followed, but in a unique and stylish way. One of the major changes that you see around these days during engagement occasions is the introduction of customized engagement rings.

The perfect engagement ring doesn’t already exist in a display. It should be custom made with you, for you. Each of the diamond rings that are customized is designed and crafted to create a harmonious flow of brilliance. With customized diamond rings you are offered a quality product at the best price so that you get exactly, what you wanted. Most of the jewelers, these days, make the experience educational, easy and enjoyable.

One of the best things that you would get with customized diamond engagement rings that you would be given exclusively proposed diamonds certified by authentic grading authorities. Moreover, you would be able to find the perfect engagement ring that would match the style of your partner and convey the love and care that you hold for her.

Design your own engagement ring today and make your dream come true!

How to buy Diamond Engagement Rings?

If you are ready to pick an engagement ring, the hard part is over, for you have already found your amazing woman. Isn’t it? So, what are you planning to buy? Surely, what better it could be than a diamond engagement ring. Since, with so many choices and new trends emerging, diamond still remains special for every woman.

Here are few steps as how to buy perfect diamond engagement rings:

  • Set your budget: When it comes to buy a diamond engagement ring, forget about every age old calculations, the truth is that you should set your own budget. The price of an engagement ring is determined by a variety of factors from the cut and carat of the diamond to the design of the ring setting.
  • Size up her style: It is utmost important for you to learn about what kind of ring she wants. If she loves sparkle, then Halo engagement rings would be perfect or if she’s a classic beauty, then Classical engagement rings would do you good.
  • Choose the ring shape: Once you are done with the style and type, shape of diamond engagement rings are the next thing that you should consider. From round, princess cut, cushion cut to oval and pear, there are lots of shapes that you can purchase to mark the occasion.

The Beauty of Diamond Jewelry

Diamonds are expensive and rare. They have fascinated people since ancient times. With their unrivalled beauty and strength, they are considered one of the most precious gemstones in the world. Diamond engagement rings are hugely popular all across the world. They are regarded as the most popular gemstone in wedding jewelry. Exchanging diamond rings remains the most romantic statement of undying love.
For women in particular, diamonds are special! Solitaire diamond jewelry is extremely popular amongst women. Despite being expensive, solitaire diamond rings are in high demand all over the world. The sparkling beauty and brilliance of these rings make them truly special amongst women. Wearing solitaire diamond rings and other types of diamond jewelry is also considered a symbol of wealth, power and high social status. For this reason, diamonds jewelry is very popular amongst royal class.
The value and authenticity of diamonds depends on 4 Cs (Cut, clarity, colour and carat). There are many online stores as well that offer diamond engagement rings and other type of diamond jewelry. Gifting a diamond ring is an excellent way to make your loved one feel truly special!

5 Best Movie Engagement Rings

Diamond rings worn by many famous actresses on screen have inspired many people across the world. Let’s take a look at some of the best movie engagement rings-  
  • Kate Winslet wore a three-stone ring throughout the movie Titanic. The inspiration for this ring came from the one found on ship’s wreckage. In the story, this ring was given to Rose (Kate’s character) by her fiancĂ© Cal.
  • A beautiful oval shaped engagement ring presented by Edward (Robert Pattinson) to Bella (Kristen Stewart) in the movie Twilight: Eclipse was one of the largest in film history.
  • A round diamond ring worn by Cameron Diaz in My Best Friend’s Wedding caught the attention of countless movie fans. The classic look and sparkling beauty of the ring made it truly memorable.
  • In many of her movies, Grace Kelly wore an emerald-cut engagement ring that was an inspiration for many people across the world.
  • A unique pink diamond ring worn by Elle Woods in Legally Blonde 2 had a unique charm and appeal.
So, these were some of the most famous engagement rings in Hollywood.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Hollywood Connection with engagement rings

Does your girl have a love for rings? Why not give her a diamond engagement ring this time and propose to tie a love knot with you for life? When your lady love will receive it, she would be bound to reciprocate the love to you.

Engagement rings not just hold traditional rituals significance but also symbolize true love. Diamond rings especially the engagement ones are hence even shown now in Hollywood movies such as Titanic, Sex and The City 2, Bride Wars and more where in, the famous celebrities including Kate Winslet, Carrie Bradshaw, Kate Hudson, Harry Winston and more have expressed their love through an engagement ring that has been gifted from their lovers.

Engagement rings are hence, hold importance in the Hollywood as well, where in, even the too stars do not fail to express the meaning of wearing an engagement ring.