Thursday, September 18, 2014

Tips for Buying a Custom Engagement Ring

Many couples are unable to find their desired engagement diamond rings. In such cases, getting custom made engagement jewelry is a viable option. But a custom made ring that is not made properly can lead to disasters. Here are some tips that will help you in getting a custom made engagement ring of your dreams. 
  1. Look for a reputed jeweler: Finding a reputed jeweler who can make a ring as per your exact description is the first step towards getting a custom made engagement ring in Toronto. Always choose a jeweler who is able to provide you with certified diamond from a renowned national institute.
  1. Stay ahead: Always start early as it will take more time than expected. Having a ring custom-designed is a more elaborate task than purchasing a ready-made ring from a dealer. You will be called to see the structure before the final setting of the ring is done. Also since it is being designed, you only can imagine how it will look when it is made. Many times, it might not be able to justify your imagination in which case you should have the time to get it redone.
  1. Buying the diamond: While buying a diamond, set your budget and know your choice. When you have decided on these two factors, there are C's (cut, clarity, color and carat weight) that will determine the quality of the diamond. Among all these factors, cut is of prime importance. The brilliance and sparkle of the diamond depend on the way it has been cut. Another way of choosing the diamonds is to take a diamond that is a little smaller than the average diamond size – one carat, one-and-half-carat and so on.
  1. Slight variations in the size of the diamonds are hard to notice. But there are significant price differences between small and large diamonds. So, choose a diamond that is a size smaller than the one you like, it will look the same but will cost a lot less.

So, get this custom diamond engagement ring in Toronto to dazzle the world with its uniqueness and style.


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