Sunday, July 28, 2013

Outrageously Crazy and Weird Marriage Proposals

Proposing to your love can sometimes be tricky, especially when you are not sure what to say. Butterflies in stomach and the sheer thought of getting a no for the answer make people not to say what they ought to. But if they answer in an affirmative, rest is all history. Here is a look at the craziest and wackiest proposals that will either get you shocked or rolling on the floor laughing –

  • Portland-based Issac Lamb gathered 60 of his friends and shot their video lip syncing to ‘Marry Me’ by Bruno Mars. He then got this video on YouTube and made his girlfriend watch it. Not only did she say yes, but the video soon went viral.

  • Love needs no language and this happened when an associate director at a famous tech site made an infographic and posted it online to propose to his love. With all the stats and technological lingo, the infographic was actually adorable.

  • In this crazy proposal, this guy fell off the terrace in front of his girlfriend, landing safely on the cushion support. When his girlfriend, in shock went to the edge, she saw the big signs asking – Will You Marry Me?

  • Proposing with a ring is ok, but this guy went overboard and pinned the diamond ring to the collar of his girlfriend’s cat. Although that is a different story if the kitty returned the ring easily or not.

  • In this cute proposal, this guy named Ryan after complaining of tooth pain for almost two weeks finally went to the dentist with his girlfriend. The dentist showed his girlfriend his X-ray and there was an outline of a diamond ring alongside his teeth!

  • This couple went skydiving in Dallas and when they were free falling, the girl saw a huge banner asking her to marry the guy. On landing, she found her mother and best friend there and the guy proposed to her with her grandmother’s antique diamond ring.

People go to any lengths to express their love to their loved one. However, for the less-daring, there is an easier way out. One of the easiest and classiest ways to propose is to gift her magnificent diamond ring that sweeps her off her feet. Select the best engagement ring and letyour single lady put a ring to it.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Diamond Ring Shape and Your Personality

A lot is revealed about our personalities by the way we talk, movies we love to watch, music we listen to, type of clothes we wear, and the way we choose to accessorize ourselves. Studies have shown that the diamond rings worn by us are also a reflection of our inner selves. Here is a look at the different cuts and shapes of the diamond rings and what they reveal about our personality –

Oval cut – If you wear an oval cut diamond ring, then it suggests that you can balance things easily. This is a shape most preferred by modern traditionalists and creative women. You can balance both your personal and professional lives with natural poise and ease. Salma Hayek and Katherine Heigl are some of the celebrities who sport an oval cut ring.

Round cut – From Avril Lavigne, Gwyneth Paltrow to Fergie, round shape is one of the most preferred diamond ring shapes. If you too prefer a round diamond ring, then you are easygoing and someone who can be trusted.

Cushion cut – This spectacular shape makes women go weak in their knees. Rectangular with aesthetically rounded sides, cushion shaped diamond rings are most preferred by women who are daring and organized. Jennifer Garner sports this shaped ring gifted by Ben Affleck. So does Anne Hathaway. Need we say more?

Emerald cut – Head strong and glamorous, emerald shaped ring is the choice of strong willed and glamorous women. So if you consider yourself a diva, then emerald – asscher is the cut for you. Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce Knowles and Jessica Alba are a few divas to name a few who sport this cut diamond ring.

Princess cut – Princess cut is a beautiful contemporary design that is a radiant geometric cut. This cut is the favorite of bold, fun loving, assertive and independent women. Victoria Beckham and Sharon Stone can be spotted flaunting a princess cut diamond ring.

Radiant cut – Radiant cut is a contemporary and unconventional shape which is fast becoming famous, especially among the sporty and daring ladies who want to break away from the conventional. So if you spot Hilary Duff wearing a 14-carat radiant cut diamond engagement ring or Jessica Biel, Khloe Kardashian or Drew Barrymore sporting a radiant cut each, you do not have to think twice why.

Whether you are searching online or visiting a local store to buy your engagement ring, make sure to select the one that suits your personality.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Man’s Guide to Diamonds

It is said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach but what holds the key to a woman’s heart? To find the way to a woman’s heart, the easiest and the sure shot way is to gift her exquisite diamond jewelry. But since selecting the right diamond is not a piece of cake, especially for guys, here is a guide to finding the best diamond for your girl –

Budget – As feared by most bridegrooms to be, buying a diamond ring will not hit you under the belt nor it will make you compromise on your yacht honeymoon in the Mediterranean. Diamonds come in all the prices and therefore you need to decide the budget accordingly. Learn about the 4Cs (Cut, Carat, Color and Clarity) of diamonds as this will help you in buying the right one without you having to shell more money than required.

Size of the ring – Once you have decided on the budget, next thing is to decide the ring size. Either you can steal/borrow one of her rings or take a sneak peak into her jewelry box. However, there is a better alternative than any of those. You can ask your fiancĂ©e or girl about her preference. Diamond engagement rings last a lifetime and mean a lot to the bride. Do not spoil her thrill by gifting her something that she does not appreciate.

Quality – As discussed in the first point, check out the quality of the diamond that you are buying. Look out for flaws in the cut and setting of the diamond. If the girdle is frosty, then it is a real diamond. However, if the girdle is waxy, it is fake. Another way to know if the diamond is real is to breathe onto the stone. If it stays foggy for sometime, then it is not real. Ask the jeweler for a Certificate of Authenticity before buying a diamond.

Shape – This is a trickier part. Just like deciding the size, you will also have to decide on the shape. The best option is to ask your girl about her preference. You have to make a choice between different shapes from princess cut, oval, round, or heart or pear-shaped to make the right decision.

A diamond ring is a symbol of undying love. Keep these pointers in mind and select the best diamond ring for your girl.