Monday, March 25, 2013

Selecting the Right Men’s Bracelets

Bracelets are those elegant pieces of jewelry that add sophistication and style to the persona of a man. Every man is unique with a unique sense of style and if you are trying to find the best bracelet for you, here are some tips to consider –

Choose a bracelet that suits your style – Accessories add more style to a personality only when it complements your style. Flirting with your creativity is a good option but it is advisable not to go overboard with it. If sparkling bracelets look good on Kanye West, it does not ensure that they will look good on you as well.

Get acquainted with the material – The choice of material depends upon the price and the purpose of wearing. First ensure that what is your budget and when are you going to wear it. You can go for platinum or palladium if budget is not a constraint or you can try gold or other contemporary material such as tungsten, steel or titanium.

Do not ignore the small details – Emphasize on small details such as the clasp and the finish. These details may seem insignificant initially but can possibly play an important role later.

Browse the internet and find the most stylish and exquisite Toronto men’s bracelets to give you an uber cool look.

Advantages of Buying Bridal Jewelry Online

Wedding is definitely a special occasion and every bride wants to look her best on this day. From wedding gown, jewelry to make up and grooming, there are hundred of things to be taken care of to make the bride the most beautiful lady of the evening. Here are some advantages of buying bridal jewelry online –

  • At online stores, you have the choice to choose from the designs of world famous jewelry designers which you may not find at the local stores.
  • Online stores give you the flexibility of shopping from your home and at anytime. You do not have to visit the store and this saves a lot of time which you can utilize in doing other preparations.
  • Since online stores showcase the latest fashion trends, you can select jewelry that gives you a completely new fashionista avatar.

In addition to all these features, online stores also offer social media support that allows you to share the latest designs with your friends and experts to get their opinion. Select a reputable online bridal jewelry store and shine bright like a diamond on your wedding day.

Common Diamond Scams by Jewelry Stores

The lack of knowledge and the excitement of sporting exclusive diamond jewelry make people forget that they can be duped by jewelers. Here are some of the common diamond scams that you should know to save you from getting duped by fraudulent jewelers –

One of the most common scams is the ‘Total Weight’ scam where the jeweler gives you the total weight of all the diamonds in the jewelry item instead of giving the carat weight of each diamond. Since the combined carat weight of all the diamonds is more than the weight of the individual pieces, the buyer is forced to believe that he is buying a bigger diamond.

In order to make the diamond shine brightly and enchant the onlookers, most jewelers use florescent lighting that makes even the dullest diamond to shine brightly. When examining the piece, it is advisable to check it in darker lights to check the exact shine of the diamond piece.

In order to get pure diamond jewelry, it is advisable to buy Toronto engagement rings from trusted jewelers. Keep these tips in mind and flaunt a magnificent diamond.

Budget Buying Tips for Buying Diamond Rings

Diamonds command a price and unfortunately we are not always in a position to buy the best items due to some financial constraints. Although color, cut, carat and clarity should not be overlooked at any cost when buying a diamond, it does not mean that you can not buy a diamond when you are on a budget. Here are some tips that will help you in buying a diamond ring when on a budget –

  • When you are planning to buy a diamond ring, other factors that can enhance the cost are the other metals with which the ring is made. Avoid precious metals such as palladium or platinum as it will increase the total cost of the ring.

  • Go for 14 karat gold as it is more affordable and durable than 18 or 24 karat gold.

  • Instead of buying a large diamond piece for your ring, you can buy smaller pieces that will fit under your budget.

  • You can also go for platinum plated models with a silver base. However, the platinum plating can wear off with time making the ring lose its sheen.

There are various reputable diamond jewelry Toronto stores where you can find the timeless and precious diamond you are looking for. Browse the internet to find the diamond rings that suit your budget.

The 4Cs of Buying a Diamond Ring

Diamonds are a girl’s best friends and there are ample examples to prove this. So when you are buying a diamond ring to impress her, here are the 4 Commandants that you need to keep in mind –

Carat – Weight and size of the diamond is measured in carats. The size of an average diamond ring lies between one and one and a half carat. Make sure the ring you get is of the right carat.

Cut – Diamond is the hardest metal known and a bad craftsman can rob it of its original sheen if it is not cut to perfection. An impeccable cut gives a diamond its characteristic shine and its signature ‘fire effect’. Make sure that the diamond ring that you choose is precisely cut as the cut also determines the shape of the diamond.

Clarity – Another aspect to look in the diamonds is the clarity. Small inclusions occurring during the formation process can make your diamond a little blurred, affecting its fire effect. Always go for diamonds that are clear to create a magnificent brilliant effect.

Color – Diamond pieces that are colorless are considered as the most valuable and best diamonds as they enable the light to be refracted the most. Diamonds on a slightly colorful side absorb light leading to less sparkle.

Keep these 4 Cs of buying Toronto diamond rings in mind and gift your beloved the diamond that she deserves.