Friday, May 23, 2014

Infographic: Top 10 Engagement Facts and Trends

Top Ten Engagement Facts and Trends

Americans spent over 9.6 billion dollars on wedding & engagement rings in 2010. For more facts and trends in engagement rings, checkout the infographic.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Engagement Rings for Summer Wedding

Summer is a time that spreads color and vibrancy in the air. If you are having a summer wedding, then you have many options to choose a unique engagement ring. Summer is a season of colors, so be it the greenery, the sky or the clothes that your guests are going to wear, everything is alive during this season. Hence, one can choose to opt for contemporary engagement rings which have colors embedded in it.

If you want to go with diamonds, you can add sparkles to it by having colored stones around the main diamond. This gives the engagement ring a traditional yet contemporary look. Some of the most famous stones that are used for enhancing the beauty of diamonds are red and blue. Another choice in diamonds is yellow diamonds as they are extremely unique and perfect for summer season.

You can choose from a variety of floral patterns that will go perfect for a summer wedding. A pair of interlocking leaves and other such designs will add the glamour to your summer wedding. Ivy and wreath designs are some of the sought-after choices for floral engagement rings. So, if you having a summer wedding make it special in the most romantic way by finding a reputable engagement rings store in Toronto.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Summer wedding bridal jewellery

If you are getting hitched this then you will have a lot of options to choose from for your bridal jewellery in Toronto. Summer is a season that offers many varieties to brides for experimenting with colors. From traditional to contemporary, wedding dress can be worn in different styles. The only underlining rule is that it should not be too heavy. Rest you can experiment with colors such as blue, pink, purple and many bright colors.

If you are planning a beach wedding, then you can choose floral designs in traditional pearls and contemporary jewelry. Pearls can also be worn in shades of pink, cream and other varieties. One of the best choices to wear in pearls is to wear pearl earrings along with simple single strand necklace.

You can also choose to wear jewelry with sparkling stones. These give an extremely rich look and can be worn in different colors. These are perfect when you want to add glamour to your simple wedding gowns and set a style statement.

So, if you are planning for a summer wedding, you have a lot of options that you can choose from when it comes to bridal jewelry. Traditional, contemporary or experimental will all look good in the bright summer season.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Popular diamond shaped rings

Diamonds are forever. It is a true saying as the love of diamonds can never fade away. They have always been a woman’s best friend and will always be. If you are planning to propose to your lover for the rest of your life, present her with an engagement ring that she will not forget. An engagement ring is a piece of jewelry that women love to flaunt around their family and friends. There are various designs which are famous for diamond engagement rings.

  1. Round Cut: This is one of the most famous designs when one talks about diamond engagement and wedding rings as it is believed that a diamond cut into a round shape exhibits its best qualities.

  1. Emerald Cut: The shape of the emerald cut engagement ring is rectangular in shape. This cut is mostly made in stones which are extremely high quality. It is believed that in this cut, the clarity of the stone is extremely clear.

  1. Heart shape cut: A heart shaped cut is one of the unique designs in engagement rings. It is a shape that requires craftsmanship to the very detail.

Weddings are special. Choose from a plethora of incredibly stunning diamond rings for your wife. The smile and happiness on her face would be the most special moment that you will cherish for your lifetime.

Caring for Bridal Jewelry

Bridal jewelry is meant to last a lifetime if they are given their due share of care. Women buy their bridal jewelry with the best of their heart. But as soon as the wedding gets over, it get locked and put away in a far away place never to be seen again. Maintaining jewelry doesn’t mean that you never wear it, but to wear it often. Pearls with Swarovksi crystals that are embedded in sterling silver or white gold are the most famous choice when it comes to bridal jewellery in Toronto. Such kind of jewelry, if taken care of properly can last for a lifetime.

Here are some important things to consider that will ensure a long life of your bridal jewelry

  • When taking care of the jewelry, remember that pearls have the pearl coating which shouldn’t come in contact with any acid. So, do not spray perfumes when you wear it, first spray the perfume and then wear it.
  • Pearls should be kept dry, so you can preserve them in talcum powder. This way, they will be resistant to water and air which can cause them harm.
  • Another way to store it is to keep it in an air-tight bag to preserve it from disruption.
Keep these tips in mind and keep your wedding jewelry as good as new forever.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Heart shaped diamond for romantics

If you are planning to propose to your girlfriend, do it in the most special way. Shopping for engagement rings could be a task for men, as it requires a lot of time and effort. There are many shapes of diamonds that are available in the market. But if you want to set yourself apart from the rest, say it with a heart shaped diamond.

Heart is the diamond shape for people who are in true love and are not shy to express it to the whole world. So, if you are a romantic at heart and want to tell the whole world that you have chosen your life partner, a heart shaped diamond ring is just the right option for you. A heart shaped diamond cut is one of the most unique cuts designed for engagement rings and will stand as a testimony to your love.

A heart cut diamond ring is flat on its top surface showing its best qualities. The shape has thirty facets on its top surface to make it one of the most preferred designs for engagement rings. So, if you are planning to make your girlfriend your life partner, gift her heart shaped diamond ring to say it the most special way.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Gift Ideas for Your Bridesmaids

Wedding is one of the most special occasions in a girl’s life. As a bride, it is expected from you to gift your bridesmaids as a token of your appreciation and gratitude. If you are getting hitched this season, below are some outstanding gift ideas that you should consider giving to your bridesmaids –

Jewelry – If you thought that jewelry was the sole right of the bride, then you are wrong. You will hardly find a girl in this world who does not have a deep liking for jewelry. Gift diamond rings or other jewelry to your bridesmaids who can even wear it on your wedding day.

Bags – Girls love bags and they can be a perfect bridesmaid gift. You can also personalize the bags to add more value to the gift.

Accessories – Accessories are the perfect souvenirs and wedding gifts. You can gift anything from a wrist band, anklets, t-shirt to a small souvenir that reminds your bridesmaids of the wedding.

So if you are confused about what to gift your bridesmaid, choose from the ideas above and make your wedding a special occasion for them as well.

Mistakes Guys Make when Gifting Diamond Rings to their Partner

Rings, whether they are engagement rings or wedding rings, they are always special. They are always cherished by the couple as they remind them of the times when they started this blissful journey called love. However, men often make mistakes when gifting diamond engagement rings. Below are some of the major mistakes men make while gifting a ring to their partner –

Ignoring the 4Cs of a diamond – The 4Cs of a diamond are its cut, color, carat and clarity. These 4Cs are the major criterion that should be the basis of your diamond buying. One should be very peculiar about these as the diamond you find charming may be actually a fake or poor quality diamond and no guy would like to do that.

Not considering your girl’s preference – Although diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but it does not make that they will cherish any diamond ring that you will gift to her. The best thing is to go and ask her about her preference. If you are giving her a surprise, get a sneak peek into her jewelry collection or subtly ask her and then gift her something that matches her taste.

Diamonds are precious and they can make any dull moment come alive. Keep these mistakes in mind and do not commit them when gifting them to your lady love.