Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Eternity Diamond Rings: What to Look For

What is an eternity ring?
As the name suggests, Eternity Diamond Ring is a metal band made of platinum gold, or silver, which have diamonds that go around the entire band of the ring in a continuous line. Eternity rings have spellbinding history. Early Egyptians invented eternity rings because they believed that the bond of marriage between a man and a woman was so strong which could not be interrupted by death.

Types of eternity diamond rings
  • “Full” eternity rings feature a full circle embellishment of diamonds. 
  • “Half” eternity rings have diamonds set across only on the top face of the ring.
Eternity ring settings
Diamonds are the most popular precious stones selected by people for their eternity rings and colored gemstones are highly personal. Various ring setting styles are available in eternity rings. One can choose from bezel settings, bar settings, shared prong setting, micro pavé setting, grain settings, channel settings and claw settings among the more popular styles.

Eternity rings are for both men and women
Eternity rings are not only worn by women, but men also prefer to wear these rings because of their fashionable look. Modern designs in eternity rings have made them favorite jewellery for men too. Eternity rings are worn on the fourth finger of the left hand.

Eternity rings stand for everlasting love and commitment. They are usually purchased during marriage anniversaries as a way to symbolize the never ending love between a husband and wife. Mark a special occasion by purchasing a pair of eternity rings for you and your wife from an online Toronto diamond ring store.

Diamond Ring Settings: A Guide

No two wedding ceremonies are same, no two brides are same! Every woman has her own one-of-a-kind persona and fashion sensibilities. You must select a ring setting that showcases her unique personality to make an extraordinary difference in your wedding ceremony. A perfect diamond ring is one that will win her heart. This guide will help you choose a ring setting that showcases the diamond in its full glory:
  • The bezel setting is perfect for an active lifestyle because of its modern look and simple design.
  • The solitaire setting rings let the center diamond speak for itself. Beautifully refined solitaire engagement rings look timeless and exceptional.
  • The prong setting holds the center diamond tightly at the center. Prongs can be rounded, flat, pointed, or V-shaped. 
  • The pavé setting features tiny diamonds across the band along with a center big diamond. The benefit of this setting is that it gives extra sparkle to the diamond ring.
  • In the halo setting, smaller diamonds in a concentric circle or square surround a center stone. One can use smaller carat diamonds in the halo setting without sacrificing the overall look of the ring.
  • The split-shank setting refers to an engagement ring in which the shank splits into two separate shanks. 
  • In the three-stone setting, two smaller side diamonds dramatically frame the center gemstone. 
  • Bar and channel settings are similar in a way that smaller diamonds are set in a row to decorate the entire ring. The only difference is that in the bar setting, smaller diamonds are left exposed while in channel setting, side diamonds remain enclosed.

One can choose to combine one or more ring settings to get the modern, contemporary, vintage or antique look. Diamond wedding rings that are masterfully handcrafted and beautifully designed can perfectly match her personal style. Get more ideas about different ring settings from an online Toronto wedding rings store and select a ring that shines as much as your bride-to-be. 

Most Popular Diamond Shapes for Engagement Rings

Diamonds are forever and so are their characteristic brilliance and amazing sparkles. Their high ability to disperse light has made them desirable as jewellery. Diamond’s allure has captivated people for centuries. Besides the 4Cs (carat weight, color, clarity, and cut) of evaluating diamond, shapes of diamonds also affect the appearance of the ring. 

Check out here diamond shapes that are currently in:

Round diamond shape for classic look
This truly timeless diamond shape is the most sought after cut among people. An engagement ring with a round cut diamond features brilliant facet pattern that produces maximum sparkle.

Princess diamond shape for trendy look
Princess cut is the next most popular diamond cut because it reflects light best and exhibits brilliant sparkle. This modified brilliant cut secures second position in terms of searches on websites.

Cushion diamond shape for a romantic feel
Cushion cut is a timeless cut that exhibits impeccable brilliance and clarity in their appearance. Until the 20th century, cushion cut was a de facto diamond shape, however, now cushion cut diamonds are combined with an enlarged culet to create a characteristic look that is often prized by customers.

Emerald diamond shape for glamorous look
Emerald shapes have rectangular cut with long facets that extend down the sides, which helps in showing off the diamond’s clarity better than any other cut.

Marquise diamond shape for vintage look
Marquise cut has an elongated shape, which creates the illusion of greater size. Marquise cut’s majestic style can flatter the ring finger of your fiancé.

One can also find other diamond cuts in engagement rings including asscher, radiant, pear, heart, and oval. Select the diamond shape that suits your finger length and personality. Each diamond cut has its own unique style to reflect your true tastes!

Trending Now: Two-Tone Engagement Rings

Engagement rings weren’t quite the wedding staple in ancient times as they are now. Whether given as a sign of betrothal or exchanged during a wedding ceremony, engagement rings signify an unbreakable symbol of everlasting love. With the tradition of exchanging rings getting deeper, new styles of engagement rings are becoming more popular among young people. 

Two-tone engagement ring is trending right now because of its brilliant classics which go with practically every outfit. Two-tone engagement rings are made with two types of metals that are soldered together to form one piece. The ring may have a combination of white gold and yellow gold or white gold and rose gold, giving it a two-tone look.

Two-tone engagement rings are exceptional and unique in their style. One metal color amplifies the brilliance of the other. Two-tone rings studded with diamonds look distinctive and so immediately catch eyes of people. It is easy to fall in love with the timeless luxury of two-tone diamond engagement rings. For trendy and fashionable looks, you can even ask your jeweller to design a triple band ring with two-tone setting. Triple band diamond ring with two-colored designs are sure to add a twist to your overall look. Get your engagement ring customized today if you truly adore two-tone engagement rings and let the diamonds dazzle in an array of white, yellow, or rose gold band.