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Melt the Heart of your Lady with a Perfect Diamond Ring

She loves you but she can not say it. If you love her as much as she does then you should not delay to propose her in order to take your relationship to another level. 
A beautifully adorned diamond ring can speak volumes of love when you can not speak much about your emotions. You can never go wrong with a diamond ring if you want to express your deepest emotions to your lady love.

A myriad of diamond ring styles are available on the web including pear-shaped, heart-shaped, oval-shaped, round-shaped, princess-shaped and others. From the wide category of rings, you can easily make your best pick and love your woman in a pure way.

Apart from this, you can even ask her close friends about the kind of jewelry she wears and choose the style of diamond ring she would love to wear in her office or in parties. Diamonds are precious. However, gifting them to the right person on a special occasion make them all the way more priceless for the receiver.

It is time to move the heart of your lady with a unique, stunning diamond ring.

Pick the Matching Jewelry for your Face

Most women love to adorn themselves with different types of jewelry. Some like to wear simple accessories and some like to flaunt their persona by wearing bold jewelry stuff.

However, every personality and face has a unique value. That means, a jewelry piece looks perfect when it is embellished on the right face and personality.

For instance, if you have an oval shaped face, then you can not simply go with long earrings, which may not complement your face. Rather going for spiral dangling earrings would suit you better.

Likewise, if your face is square shaped, then long teardrops would look absolutely stunning instead of round earrings. Furthermore, if you have a diamond-shaped face, then curved-styled earrings will not complement the face as much as the teardrop shaped earrings would do.

Therefore, if you really want to complement your face and personality then wearing the right style of jewelry is equally important.

Wearing stunning diamond earrings can make you look stunning at office or in wedding ceremonies. Choose the right one and walk confidently in the crowd.

Get ready to look fascinating everyday!

Some Interesting Facts about Diamonds

Diamonds have been around for over centuries. Do you know something else about diamonds? Take a diamond tour and get to know some interesting facts about diamonds:
  • Fact 1:
The term "Diamond" arises from the Greek word called "Adamas". It means "indomitable and imperishable"

Fact 2:
  • The first three diamonds mines across the globe include: Russia (17.8 million carats), Botswana (24 million carats) and Canada (10.9 million carats)

Fact 3:
  • The original record of an individual gifting diamond to a lady was when in 1477, the Archduke of Austria gifted a diamond to Ms. Mary of Burgundy.

Fact 4:
  • The largest diamond found ever was the “Cullinan” at 3106 carats.

Fact 5:
  • According to ancient Greeks, diamonds were particles of fallen stars on the ground surface.

Fact 6:
  • Originally, the color of diamond is pale yellow or colorless. However, it can also be found in colors including blue, green, brown, red, orange, black and pink.

Fact 7:
  • According to Romans, diamonds retained the power to discard the evil spirit and were also worn as talismans.

If you want to add a sense of unmatched elegance to your personality, watch for diamond jewelry in Toronto and make all the difference.

Significance of Necklace- Then and Now

Do you love to adorn your party or casual outfits with matching necklace? Do you wish to look unique and stylish wherever you go? A necklace can indeed elevate your personality as its trend for the same has been there around for over centuries.

It is type of jewelry, which is mostly made in flexible forms including a string of beads, a chain, gemstones, diamond, pearls, or adorned with other things.

Necklaces, in the ancient era were made and designed to flaunt the stylish and decorative features of a woman. These have become popular in almost every religion where in, different people have worn it.

While, necklace has been worn by both men and women across the entire Western history till the eighteenth century when this accessory actually became mainly a feminine accessory.

Within the diverse styles of ethnic necklaces, you can today explore a modified, trendiest, stunning and sophisticated piece of this jewelry and walk in the crowd with much more confidence.

Necklaces have been driven thousands of women from all over the world and their majestic charm still is capable to define the beauty of any woman.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Which Celebrity bought the Most Expensive Diamond Ring? [InfoGraphic]

Diamond rings have come a long way in making people express their heartiest emotions to their loved ones. In the race of expressing true love, not even the celebrities are left behind. While, we might find celebrities busy in their social life but there are some famous celebrities who have indeed made an effort to make their personal life beautiful as well by gifting their spouses the most expensive and extravagant diamond ring. Some of the popular names include NHL player Mike Comrie who proposed to Hilary Duff with a 14-carat princess-cut sparkler ring worth $1million. Also, Michael Douglas proposed to actress Zeta Jones by gifting a beautiful engagement ring. Donald Trump, a billionaire who proposed to his girlfriend with a stunning diamond ring and the list goes on.

While, there are plenty of ways to please your lady love, the best way still remains gifting a diamond ring. Try out! 


Diamond Rings: A Perfect Anniversary Gift

Anniversaries are the symbol of memorizing your precious moments of life. It is as simple as that. But, what makes your anniversary even more meaningful? What is a perfect gift for your wife on your wedding anniversary? What is it that depicts your unconditional love for your beloved? Of course, a diamond ring or a diamond pendant or a diamond necklace will serve as the best options you can have.

Anniversaries have long been associated with diamond gifts. Diamond gifts are not only precious but also convey timelessness. Nothing can be more perfect symbol of love and commitment which lasts forever. It brings charm, elegance, and beauty to the occasion. Thereby makes the occasion even more romantic. You can give any of the diamond gifts as all diamonds are rare and unique in themselves. For example, if you want to gift diamond rings, there are variety of diamond rings to choose from. Such as,

Cushion-cut: It is a hybrid of antique old European cut which is getting popular.
Princess-cut: It is one of the favorites for majority of people who love diamond jewelry.
Sapphires: It is more affordable diamond gift which you can gift to your wife.

Whatever is the time and place diamonds are always there for you.

Wedding Jewelry: Buying Tips

Wedding day is the most memorable day for everyone. Jewelry makes the day even more memorable and special for the bride. The choice of jewelry depends on various factors, but eventually what matters is what you have to cherish and to look stylish and elegant.

Hence, you need to select your jewelry profoundly. Below are mentioned some tip as how to buy your wedding jewelry.

  • Your wedding outfit and jewelry are the two most important things that matter on wedding day. So, whether it is wedding rings or necklace, you must consider those jewelries makes a perfect and unique combination with your wedding dress to give you the feelings of comfort.
  • It is not important that only diamond or only gold will do you good for the purpose of your wedding. You must go with those jewelries which carries uniqueness with them. If silver jewelry is making the best combination, then you must consider silver.
  • You must consider you body structure while selecting your wedding jewelry. Moreover, good harmony should be maintained among your shoes, dress, jewelry, and other wedding accessories also.

These tips can surely help you in choosing the right wedding jewelry to give you the most beautiful look on such a precious moment like wedding.

Diamond Engagement Rings: Their Types

Without the exchange of engagement rings an engagement is considered incomplete. It is these two rings that bind the two, to-be bride and groom, into an eternal bond. If the ring is of diamond, then the moment is concealed in the memories of all forever.

There are different types of diamond engagement rings available which makes the occasion even more meaningful. Here are some of the types which you can select for your engagement, for sure:

  • The princess cut is rare and unique in terms of its cut and design. These days square and rectangular princess cut diamond engagement rings are among the hottest trends for ladies.
  • Engagement rings that are designed especially by designers are also among the latest trends of engagement rings. These are custom made jewelry that goes perfect with engagement outfits.
  • Antique diamond rings are one of the priceless rings which any bride would love to have for her engagement purpose. These are vintage pieces which are appealing and carry a natural authentic look.
  • Simple round cut diamond rings are also considered as most romantic symbol of conveying your emotions of love and care to your beloved.

Besides these, there are many designs and cuts of diamond jewelry available which can make your engagement really special.

Picking up the Ideal Jewelry for your Face

If you are searching for an ideal jewelry to flaunt your make up or wardrobe then simply choosing any random piece would not fit your personality. This is because, there is a style of jewelry designed for every type of face and body type.

For instance, if your face is long then complementing it with long earrings would not add much difference. Instead, choose studs or triangular shaped earrings that would bring out the charm on the face.

If you have a heart shaped face, try to avoid something that has long pieces of jewelry. Instead, you can accentuate your beauty with a necklace resting on your collarbone that would even add a sizzling effect on your face.

Choosing the perfect jewelry is not a challenging task. All that is advisable for you is to pick up the one that complements your face and persona and does not degrade your appeal.

Whenever you step in the crowd, make sure your diamond jewelry in Toronto is able to drive the eyeballs of the crowd around you.

Picking a Perfect Bridal Jewelry in Toronto

Jewelry is certainly an important part for a bride. Wearing the right jewelry on the wedding day is equally important as other things such as the perfect wardrobe for the day. A perfect piece of bridal jewelry not only accentuates the wedding dress but also add charm on the bride’s face.

Therefore, while one may easily get confused while choosing her bridal jewellery, making sure it does not go out of budget is advisable.

So, instead of turning up on your wedding day with loads of marital gems, you can just pick up an elegant diamond jewelry set in Toronto to express your ever-lasting beauty on the day.

A diamond jewellery set will complement your dress in a stunning and royal way. Also, since diamonds can match with any attire, they will simply give you the bridal look you desire.

You can invest some time over the web and explore some of the latest bridal jewelry in Toronto. Once, you find a reputable online store you can then pick up your favorite choice of bridal jewelry to ensure you look “The Best” on your wedding day.

How to Pick the Right Engagement Ring for your Lady?

Do you know that an engagement ring reveals a lot about your love for your lady? If you want to express your heartiest emotions to the woman you love, you can never go wrong with a diamond engagement ring.

You can find a multitude of styles when it comes to rings from heart-shaped, pear-shaped, oval-shaped, to round-shaped, princess-shaped and more. From the vast collection, you can easily pick up the ring that you feel is ideal for your woman.

There is another option. To choose the best ring for her, you can even take recommendations from your friends or her friends to bring the ring that she would love to wear and that would express your eternal love for her.

So, do not take your relationship for granted. Make your woman feel loved with her choice of beautiful ring. However, make sure you give it her in a way that strikes her right away. Bringing a smile on her face is just the right way to make her feel special, happy and loved. Give this eternal gift and mark your love in the eyes of people around both of you.