Tuesday, June 23, 2015

What does your jewellery says about your personality?

Buying the most expensive jewellery pieces may not always be the right decision. It is important to understand that the type of jewellery you wear reflects your personality. Jewellery can help you create a distinct identity for yourself. It can attract the attention of people and make you stand out from the crowd.

Wearing large jewellery, for example, will give an impression that you’re a social, fun-loving and vivacious kind of a person. Big hoop earrings, big rings and other such jewellery fall into this category. Classic jewellery such as pearl earrings and necklaces are usually worn by people who’re simple, calm and traditional. Vintage jewellery pieces, on the other hand, are worn by people who like to make a bold statement and are trendsetters. People who’ve a taste for a fine and luxurious lifestyle usually prefer expensive and meticulously-designed jewellery pieces.

Each of the jewellery pieces you wear says something about your personality and behaviour. Therefore, choosing the right type of jewellery is very important. However, with so much variety available, selecting the right jewellery may prove to be difficult at times. You can visit a reliable online jewellery store to find the right jewellery.

Diamond engagement rings: Why they are special?

Diamonds are special. Known for their sparkling beauty and rarity, diamonds are considered the most precious gemstones in the world. There is a certain mystique about diamonds that has fascinated humans since time immemorial. Diamond rings, bracelets and necklaces are quite popular the world over.

Today, diamond engagement rings are one of the most popular pieces of jewellery in the market. Available in a wide range of styles and designs, these rings are the preferred choice for couples planning to get engaged. The fact that diamonds symbolize everlasting love and romance has significantly contributed to the increased popularity of diamond engagement rings.

These rings come in different shapes. Some of the popular ones include round brilliant, pear, trillion, heart, emerald, cushion etc. Each of these diamonds has its own unique charm. While the round diamonds look classic and versatile, pear diamonds have unique feminine look. Choosing a beautiful diamond engagement ring is one of the best ways to make your loved one feel truly special. However, when it comes to buying diamond engagement rings or any other type of diamond jewellery, it is important to ensure that you buy only the authentic and genuine pieces.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Colored Gemstone Jewellery for Summer Season!

Summer season is here and so are your summer dresses and gemstone jewellery. You can embrace summer with jewels that are inspired by the vibrant colors of the season. Jewellery featuring precious gemstones in vibrant sapphire, brilliant ruby, and vivacious turquoise can create a lavish everyday look when worn with your summer dress.

The key to incorporating colored gemstone jewellery to your colorful outfit is subtle matching. Primary outfit color and jewellery selected should be contrasting to ensure the entire look is made cohesive. Dark and bright greens add a touch of glamour to formal cocktail attire. For the perfect summer glow, the radiant combination of ruby or diamond in your ring or necklace can provide you the desired summer style. Green peridot and blue topaz gemstones should be matched with more soft neutral wardrobes for a perfect summer look! Bright summer colored gemstones can also be paired with gold or platinum bands to highlight the gemstone. A good coordination of your gemstone jewellery with your attire can help you accessorize the way you want.

Classic Creations Jewellers offers a wide assortment of beautiful jewellery with vibrant colors to make you look great. Select from the extensive collection available on the online store to accessorize your everyday style and embrace the summer festivities.

Selecting the right necklace for right look

Choosing the right accessories is the most difficult thing many people struggle with when getting dressed. Accessories, especially close to your face such as earrings and necklace, can make or break your entire look. A great outfit can fall flat, if you don’t select the perfect necklace length, size and design. So instead of trying necklace after necklace, read this guide on how to select the right necklace:

  • Choosing the necklace length: Consider the clothing that is likely to be worn with it. A choker style may look wonderful with a scooped neckline dress and longer necklaces can be worn with bulky clothing that requires the extra length. Don’t ignore necklines while wearing necklaces. For example, turtle necks goes well with longer necklaces while crew necks with bib necklaces.
  • Choosing necklace depending on face shape: Oval shaped faced are considered to be ideal for all jewellery styles so long, short, and pendants complement the oval faces. Large pendants look flattering on heart-shaped faces while collar-length necklaces match the symmetry of a square face. For complementing your round face, wear drop pendants or chunky styles.
  • Choosing necklace depending on body type: Since necklaces fit differently on individual body type so select the length that is suitable for your particular body size. Pendant necklace looks great on any body type, and chokers work best for people with long necks.

Classic Creations has a wide selection of necklace lengths and designs. Click through the necklace and pendants section to find the perfect necklace for you.