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Melt the Heart of your Lady with a Perfect Diamond Ring

She loves you but she can not say it. If you love her as much as she does then you should not delay to propose her in order to take your relationship to another level. 
A beautifully adorned diamond ring can speak volumes of love when you can not speak much about your emotions. You can never go wrong with a diamond ring if you want to express your deepest emotions to your lady love.

A myriad of diamond ring styles are available on the web including pear-shaped, heart-shaped, oval-shaped, round-shaped, princess-shaped and others. From the wide category of rings, you can easily make your best pick and love your woman in a pure way.

Apart from this, you can even ask her close friends about the kind of jewelry she wears and choose the style of diamond ring she would love to wear in her office or in parties. Diamonds are precious. However, gifting them to the right person on a special occasion make them all the way more priceless for the receiver.

It is time to move the heart of your lady with a unique, stunning diamond ring.

Pick the Matching Jewelry for your Face

Most women love to adorn themselves with different types of jewelry. Some like to wear simple accessories and some like to flaunt their persona by wearing bold jewelry stuff.

However, every personality and face has a unique value. That means, a jewelry piece looks perfect when it is embellished on the right face and personality.

For instance, if you have an oval shaped face, then you can not simply go with long earrings, which may not complement your face. Rather going for spiral dangling earrings would suit you better.

Likewise, if your face is square shaped, then long teardrops would look absolutely stunning instead of round earrings. Furthermore, if you have a diamond-shaped face, then curved-styled earrings will not complement the face as much as the teardrop shaped earrings would do.

Therefore, if you really want to complement your face and personality then wearing the right style of jewelry is equally important.

Wearing stunning diamond earrings can make you look stunning at office or in wedding ceremonies. Choose the right one and walk confidently in the crowd.

Get ready to look fascinating everyday!

Some Interesting Facts about Diamonds

Diamonds have been around for over centuries. Do you know something else about diamonds? Take a diamond tour and get to know some interesting facts about diamonds:
  • Fact 1:
The term "Diamond" arises from the Greek word called "Adamas". It means "indomitable and imperishable"

Fact 2:
  • The first three diamonds mines across the globe include: Russia (17.8 million carats), Botswana (24 million carats) and Canada (10.9 million carats)

Fact 3:
  • The original record of an individual gifting diamond to a lady was when in 1477, the Archduke of Austria gifted a diamond to Ms. Mary of Burgundy.

Fact 4:
  • The largest diamond found ever was the “Cullinan” at 3106 carats.

Fact 5:
  • According to ancient Greeks, diamonds were particles of fallen stars on the ground surface.

Fact 6:
  • Originally, the color of diamond is pale yellow or colorless. However, it can also be found in colors including blue, green, brown, red, orange, black and pink.

Fact 7:
  • According to Romans, diamonds retained the power to discard the evil spirit and were also worn as talismans.

If you want to add a sense of unmatched elegance to your personality, watch for diamond jewelry in Toronto and make all the difference.

Significance of Necklace- Then and Now

Do you love to adorn your party or casual outfits with matching necklace? Do you wish to look unique and stylish wherever you go? A necklace can indeed elevate your personality as its trend for the same has been there around for over centuries.

It is type of jewelry, which is mostly made in flexible forms including a string of beads, a chain, gemstones, diamond, pearls, or adorned with other things.

Necklaces, in the ancient era were made and designed to flaunt the stylish and decorative features of a woman. These have become popular in almost every religion where in, different people have worn it.

While, necklace has been worn by both men and women across the entire Western history till the eighteenth century when this accessory actually became mainly a feminine accessory.

Within the diverse styles of ethnic necklaces, you can today explore a modified, trendiest, stunning and sophisticated piece of this jewelry and walk in the crowd with much more confidence.

Necklaces have been driven thousands of women from all over the world and their majestic charm still is capable to define the beauty of any woman.

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Which Celebrity bought the Most Expensive Diamond Ring? [InfoGraphic]

Diamond rings have come a long way in making people express their heartiest emotions to their loved ones. In the race of expressing true love, not even the celebrities are left behind. While, we might find celebrities busy in their social life but there are some famous celebrities who have indeed made an effort to make their personal life beautiful as well by gifting their spouses the most expensive and extravagant diamond ring. Some of the popular names include NHL player Mike Comrie who proposed to Hilary Duff with a 14-carat princess-cut sparkler ring worth $1million. Also, Michael Douglas proposed to actress Zeta Jones by gifting a beautiful engagement ring. Donald Trump, a billionaire who proposed to his girlfriend with a stunning diamond ring and the list goes on.

While, there are plenty of ways to please your lady love, the best way still remains gifting a diamond ring. Try out! 


Diamond Rings: A Perfect Anniversary Gift

Anniversaries are the symbol of memorizing your precious moments of life. It is as simple as that. But, what makes your anniversary even more meaningful? What is a perfect gift for your wife on your wedding anniversary? What is it that depicts your unconditional love for your beloved? Of course, a diamond ring or a diamond pendant or a diamond necklace will serve as the best options you can have.

Anniversaries have long been associated with diamond gifts. Diamond gifts are not only precious but also convey timelessness. Nothing can be more perfect symbol of love and commitment which lasts forever. It brings charm, elegance, and beauty to the occasion. Thereby makes the occasion even more romantic. You can give any of the diamond gifts as all diamonds are rare and unique in themselves. For example, if you want to gift diamond rings, there are variety of diamond rings to choose from. Such as,

Cushion-cut: It is a hybrid of antique old European cut which is getting popular.
Princess-cut: It is one of the favorites for majority of people who love diamond jewelry.
Sapphires: It is more affordable diamond gift which you can gift to your wife.

Whatever is the time and place diamonds are always there for you.

Wedding Jewelry: Buying Tips

Wedding day is the most memorable day for everyone. Jewelry makes the day even more memorable and special for the bride. The choice of jewelry depends on various factors, but eventually what matters is what you have to cherish and to look stylish and elegant.

Hence, you need to select your jewelry profoundly. Below are mentioned some tip as how to buy your wedding jewelry.

  • Your wedding outfit and jewelry are the two most important things that matter on wedding day. So, whether it is wedding rings or necklace, you must consider those jewelries makes a perfect and unique combination with your wedding dress to give you the feelings of comfort.
  • It is not important that only diamond or only gold will do you good for the purpose of your wedding. You must go with those jewelries which carries uniqueness with them. If silver jewelry is making the best combination, then you must consider silver.
  • You must consider you body structure while selecting your wedding jewelry. Moreover, good harmony should be maintained among your shoes, dress, jewelry, and other wedding accessories also.

These tips can surely help you in choosing the right wedding jewelry to give you the most beautiful look on such a precious moment like wedding.

Diamond Engagement Rings: Their Types

Without the exchange of engagement rings an engagement is considered incomplete. It is these two rings that bind the two, to-be bride and groom, into an eternal bond. If the ring is of diamond, then the moment is concealed in the memories of all forever.

There are different types of diamond engagement rings available which makes the occasion even more meaningful. Here are some of the types which you can select for your engagement, for sure:

  • The princess cut is rare and unique in terms of its cut and design. These days square and rectangular princess cut diamond engagement rings are among the hottest trends for ladies.
  • Engagement rings that are designed especially by designers are also among the latest trends of engagement rings. These are custom made jewelry that goes perfect with engagement outfits.
  • Antique diamond rings are one of the priceless rings which any bride would love to have for her engagement purpose. These are vintage pieces which are appealing and carry a natural authentic look.
  • Simple round cut diamond rings are also considered as most romantic symbol of conveying your emotions of love and care to your beloved.

Besides these, there are many designs and cuts of diamond jewelry available which can make your engagement really special.

Picking up the Ideal Jewelry for your Face

If you are searching for an ideal jewelry to flaunt your make up or wardrobe then simply choosing any random piece would not fit your personality. This is because, there is a style of jewelry designed for every type of face and body type.

For instance, if your face is long then complementing it with long earrings would not add much difference. Instead, choose studs or triangular shaped earrings that would bring out the charm on the face.

If you have a heart shaped face, try to avoid something that has long pieces of jewelry. Instead, you can accentuate your beauty with a necklace resting on your collarbone that would even add a sizzling effect on your face.

Choosing the perfect jewelry is not a challenging task. All that is advisable for you is to pick up the one that complements your face and persona and does not degrade your appeal.

Whenever you step in the crowd, make sure your diamond jewelry in Toronto is able to drive the eyeballs of the crowd around you.

Picking a Perfect Bridal Jewelry in Toronto

Jewelry is certainly an important part for a bride. Wearing the right jewelry on the wedding day is equally important as other things such as the perfect wardrobe for the day. A perfect piece of bridal jewelry not only accentuates the wedding dress but also add charm on the bride’s face.

Therefore, while one may easily get confused while choosing her bridal jewellery, making sure it does not go out of budget is advisable.

So, instead of turning up on your wedding day with loads of marital gems, you can just pick up an elegant diamond jewelry set in Toronto to express your ever-lasting beauty on the day.

A diamond jewellery set will complement your dress in a stunning and royal way. Also, since diamonds can match with any attire, they will simply give you the bridal look you desire.

You can invest some time over the web and explore some of the latest bridal jewelry in Toronto. Once, you find a reputable online store you can then pick up your favorite choice of bridal jewelry to ensure you look “The Best” on your wedding day.

How to Pick the Right Engagement Ring for your Lady?

Do you know that an engagement ring reveals a lot about your love for your lady? If you want to express your heartiest emotions to the woman you love, you can never go wrong with a diamond engagement ring.

You can find a multitude of styles when it comes to rings from heart-shaped, pear-shaped, oval-shaped, to round-shaped, princess-shaped and more. From the vast collection, you can easily pick up the ring that you feel is ideal for your woman.

There is another option. To choose the best ring for her, you can even take recommendations from your friends or her friends to bring the ring that she would love to wear and that would express your eternal love for her.

So, do not take your relationship for granted. Make your woman feel loved with her choice of beautiful ring. However, make sure you give it her in a way that strikes her right away. Bringing a smile on her face is just the right way to make her feel special, happy and loved. Give this eternal gift and mark your love in the eyes of people around both of you.

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Choosing Bridal Jewelry

Your wedding jewelry is a really important part of your whole wedding day look and style and you must get it right. On your wedding day you will want to shine like a star, wearing the most beautiful dress and stunning accessories. 
All women want to look at their most beautiful on their special day and bridal headpieces are sought after for this effect. This can range from decorative flower combs to a magnificent tiara. Other bridal headpieces include headbands, hair jewelry or wreathes. When you choose your headpiece, you’re your hairstyle in mind because there are some head pieces that will not work out if you wear your hair in a certain way.

The full tiara looks much more effective and glamorous with your hair up. Also remember the head piece that you choose should not overshadow the veil, which is the more important accessory. Bridal pieces, although second to dress and veil, certainly form a very important part of the wedding attire because they are what add the final touches to the bride and ensure she looks absolutely amazing on her day of days.

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Choosing the right diamond for your loved ones!

Diamonds are precious and rare. They are known for the exquisite beauty and charm. Diamonds are a symbol of luxury and wealth. Wearing a diamond is an excellent way to enhance your looks and appearance. Due to their qualities and features, diamonds are very popular amongst elite classes.

Whether we talk of diamond engagement rings or diamond earrings, there are many types of diamond jewellery available. Diamonds are available in different shapes and designs. Round, Pear, Marquise, Heart and Emerald are some of the most popular shapes of diamonds. Each of these shapes has a unique charm and appeal. While the round diamonds look classic and versatile, heart-shaped diamonds look very romantic. You can easily choose the one that suits your tastes and likes.

When it comes to purchasing diamonds, it’s important to remember the 4 Cs. It stands for Colour, Cut, Clarity and Carat. An understanding of these terms will make it easier for you to choose an authentic diamond for your loved ones. Also, it is important to buy diamonds from a reliable jewellery store. There are many online stores that offer an extensive range of diamond jewellery in Toronto.

The Significance of Bridal Jewellery

Wedding day is the most special day in a woman’s life. Every woman dreams of looking beautiful on her wedding day. Bridal jewellery can go a long way when it comes to enhancing the beauty and appearance of a woman on her wedding day.

Whether we talk of wedding rings or necklaces, there is a wide range of bridal jewellery available in the market. Bridal jewellery items are meticulously designed and crafted. With so many exotic designs available, you can easily find the one that matches your tastes and preferences.

Diamond rings are the first preference of most people when it comes to buying wedding rings. Diamond rings are known for their exquisite beauty and charm. The sparkling beauty of diamonds makes them truly unique. Moreover, they are available in different shapes and designs. Thus, you can easily choose the one that matches your tastes and preferences. Excellent designs and exquisite craftsmanship make diamond one of the most desired gemstones in the world.

Men too can enhance their looks with wedding bands and other types of jewellery. An exclusive Swiss watch can also be worn for a classy look. There are many online stores that offer bridal jewellery in Toronto.

Most Expensive Pieces of Jewellery

Diamonds are associated with luxury and royalty. They are a symbol of wealth. For this reason, they are extremely popular amongst people belonging to aristocratic, affluent and privileged classes. Below are some of the most expensive pieces of jewellery in the world today-

  • Emerald and Diamond necklace worn by Queen Marie Jose (Italy’s last queen), had 50 emeralds and a lot of diamonds. It is still counted amongst one of the most expensive pieces of jewellery in the world.
  • Princess Diana’s royal ring that is now worn by Kate Middleton is one of the most expensive rings. It was bought for £28,000 in 1981. The current estimated price of this blue sapphire ring is £300,000.
  • A unique Octagonal shaped diamond ring that was bought by an English Jewellery Laurence Graff for $2.6 million is considered one of the most beautiful and expensive rings in the world.
  • Marie Antoinette’s diamond-studded necklace is one of the most beautiful pieces of jewellery priced at around $3.7 million.

Apart from these, there are many other types of diamond jewellery that stand out with their expensive price tags. All these pieces exude unmatched beauty and charm!

Diamond Jewellery and Swiss Watches: The Symbol of Luxury!

Diamonds represent luxury. They are also a symbol of eternal love and romance. Diamonds are rare and unique and known for their sparkling beauty. Also, they are available in a wide range of shapes and designs. Due to all these factors, diamonds are highly desired by the elite classes.

There is no denying the fact that diamond jewellery is the most expensive jewellery in the world. However, there are other precious metals too that are considered a symbol of luxury and wealth. These include gold, platinum and silver. These metals are used in a wide range of jewellery products.

Apart from jewellery, if there is any other item that truly represents luxury, it’s the Swiss Watches. Meticulously-designed and crafted, these watches are unique and expensive. These high-quality time-pieces are beautiful and innovative.

It’s the exclusiveness of all these products that makes them popular amongst affluent and privileged classes. Each of these products carries an expensive price tag. When it comes to buying diamond rings, there are many options available to the customers. There are many online stores that specialize in all types of luxurious products including diamond jewellery and Swiss watches.

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History and Trend of Watches- Then and Now [InfoGraphic]

From centuries watches and clocks have been regarded as one of the oldest items that were developed by our ancestors. 
Historical records can be witnessed from 3500 B.C, when the first sundials were introduced in the Ancient Egypt. After then, the trend for watches did not cease. With the introduction of sand glass clocks introduced in 300 AD, mechanical clock, which was introduced in England in the year 1368, the minute hand watch which came in the year 1577, to the first electric clock which was developed and introduced in 1840 by Alexander Bain, invention of personal watches was introduced in 1900, Linux wristwatch which drove the crowd crazy in the year 1998 and the list goes on. 
The trend of watches has never disappeared and some of the leading mobile brands today from Samsung, Sony to Apple have also established a niche in delivering an exclusive collection of watch to users. 
Watch is not only a timely-asset but a beautiful accessory that can accentuate the personality of anyone, regardless of the gender. While, watches have become common, you can look for a wonderful watch for yourself or for your dear one as per the latest trend in watches.

Below is the infographic depicting the evolution of watches from centuries. Here you will find all the details from the origin of watches till date.

Chronology of Watches

Steel Bracelets for Men

Stainless surgical steel has changed the way men perceive jewelry. Once known as a women’s fashion item, this rough iron alloy has made jewelry a way for men to show off their masculinity. Made with chromium and iron, this alloy has become a top choice among men for making a style statement with jewellery.

To produce stainless surgical steel, a diminutive percentage of carbon is introduced into the alloy to produce a strong indestructible material. In 1847, the alloy was first used to make watches by Cartier. But the rise of stainless surgical steel was seen in 1980’s when it was used to make men’s rings, bracelets and chains. Jewellery made by stainless surgical steel comes in many range of finishes such as hot rolled, cold rolled, brushed, reflective, mirror, bead blast, heat colored, satin, abrasive and bright annealed finishes.

With so many fashion accessories, men are surely spoilt for choices! As opposed to silver and gold, stainless surgical steel jewellery does not require any maintenance. Stainless surgical steel jewelry can stand the test of time and scratches. So, wear stainless surgical steel men’s bracelets in Toronto and look like the most handsome you.

What Your Ring Says About You

An engagement ring is like an extension of your personality. It says a thousand words about the bearer and their personal style. So the type of ring you choose says a lot about your personality and tastes.

  1. Traditionalist: If you are a traditionalist at heart and want to go the conventional way, wear a ring with a single diamond solitaire in it. Actress Allison Williams is a celebrity who has adorned this style with great elegance. Married to CollegeHumor co-founder Ricky Van Veen, the actress supports a traditional looking engagement ring that every grandmother will surely approve of.
  1. Luxury and Class: If you are a person who loves classy engagement rings in Toronto, Scarlet Johnson should be your role model. Inspired by a vintage Art Deco style, her engagement ring exudes beauty and has a vintage estate quality to it.
  1. Vintage Inspired: If you like going bold, then an Ashlee Simpson inspired ring is just the kind that you would want to wear as your diamond engagement ring in Toronto. The ring is set in platinum and gold with over 140 diamonds surrounding ruby accents. The ring has a character for itself with a true inspiration from vintage times.

So, choose your engagement rings these celebrities’ styles and make your engagement ring as an extension for your personality.

Unique Engagement Rings

Every relation is unique in itself and so is every couple. With wedding season in full bloom, brides everywhere are looking for diamond engagement rings in Toronto that are special and exclusive. If you are also among such brides who want to own a special engagement ring, here are some tips to help you find your dream ring. 

  1. Multiple diamonds: If you want your engagement ring to be truly exclusive, try out a design that is not traditional. Skip the central diamond and have multiple diamonds in an elaborate design with inspiration from vintage styled rings, when engagement rings had many small diamonds but no prominent central diamond as its main attraction in the ring.
  1. Custom engagement rings: There is nothing truly more exclusive than having a custom-made engagement ring for you. There are many celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, Rebecca Romijn and Ashlee Simpson who flaunt custom made engagement rings. Angelia Jolie flaunts an engagement ring which was presented to her by Brad Pitt when he proposed to her. The ring has a central diamond cut in a unique shape with smaller diamonds along the band.
So, if you want to present an exclusive engagement ring to your loved one on your wedding, then try some of these ideas that will make your engagement ring stand out.

Tips for Buying a Custom Engagement Ring

Many couples are unable to find their desired engagement diamond rings. In such cases, getting custom made engagement jewelry is a viable option. But a custom made ring that is not made properly can lead to disasters. Here are some tips that will help you in getting a custom made engagement ring of your dreams. 
  1. Look for a reputed jeweler: Finding a reputed jeweler who can make a ring as per your exact description is the first step towards getting a custom made engagement ring in Toronto. Always choose a jeweler who is able to provide you with certified diamond from a renowned national institute.
  1. Stay ahead: Always start early as it will take more time than expected. Having a ring custom-designed is a more elaborate task than purchasing a ready-made ring from a dealer. You will be called to see the structure before the final setting of the ring is done. Also since it is being designed, you only can imagine how it will look when it is made. Many times, it might not be able to justify your imagination in which case you should have the time to get it redone.
  1. Buying the diamond: While buying a diamond, set your budget and know your choice. When you have decided on these two factors, there are C's (cut, clarity, color and carat weight) that will determine the quality of the diamond. Among all these factors, cut is of prime importance. The brilliance and sparkle of the diamond depend on the way it has been cut. Another way of choosing the diamonds is to take a diamond that is a little smaller than the average diamond size – one carat, one-and-half-carat and so on.
  1. Slight variations in the size of the diamonds are hard to notice. But there are significant price differences between small and large diamonds. So, choose a diamond that is a size smaller than the one you like, it will look the same but will cost a lot less.

So, get this custom diamond engagement ring in Toronto to dazzle the world with its uniqueness and style.

Antique-inspired Engagement Rings

In the modern times that we live in, antique is fashionable! Many wedding and engagement rings are styled in antique designs to give it an old age Victorian look. There are many celebrities and royal people that have adorned this look and made it a style statement that has become a rage. 

Halle Barry is one such celebrity who has adorned this look with her emerald ring set in gold. In a quiet engagement ceremony with Oliver Martinez, she adorned a custom made engagement ring which has square cut emerald with two diamonds on both sides. The ring is sure to dazzle the crowd with its unique setting and style.

Milla Jovovich’s ring is so stunningly beautiful and antique-inspired that it makes her look truly gorgeous. On her engagement with producer husband Paul Anderson, she flaunted a 19th century inspired ring consisting of three stones -a faint pink diamond at the center with two yellow diamonds on both sides The ring unlike many celebrity rings is made in gold rather than platinum.

Jacqueline Kennedy is another famous personality who chose to wear an engagement ring that was inspired by antique design. The ring has 2.84 carat emerald along with 2.88 carat diamond. The design looks extremely elegant and antique-inspired.

You too can flaunt these antique rings to look fabulous and unique on your wedding day.

Dare to be Different - Mens Diamond Bands

Although diamonds will remain in vogue forever as the top choice for wedding bands, there are many who have started to tread on the path less chosen. More and more individuals including celebrities are opting for sapphire stone as a preferred choice in their wedding band.

Among the celebrities who have set the trend are Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem. When Javier made the proposal, he chose to say it in the most unique way with a vintage diamond wedding ring. The main stone was sapphire surrounded by flower-shaped halo of diamonds. The ring looks classic and has set a new trend for vintage-styled wedding bands.

Elizabeth Hurley sports a huge engagement ring that has sapphire as its main stone. The ring is presented to her by Australian cricketer, Shane Warne and is considered one of the most beautiful celebrity engagement rings ever flaunted. The ring has a square cut sapphire with two diamonds on both sides.

Kate Middleton’s engagement ring is among the most copied ring ever so far. Presented to her by Prince Williams, it is the most celebrated sapphire ring. The engagement ring belonged to late princess Diana. It is set in an oval shaped sapphire with sixteen diamonds surrounding it.

Just like the celebrities and royal people flaunting these unique sapphire rings, you too can make your wedding dazzling by choosing daring wedding engagement bands.

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12 Jewelry trends of 2014

The inforgraphic titled “12 Jewelry trends of 2014” by Classic Creations has been created for guiding people about top 12 jewelry design and color trends of 2014. This infographic will be useful for them to buy their jewelry keeping in mind latest trends.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Colored Wedding Ring

Wedding is a fairytale and engagement rings are a part of it. A wedding ring on their ring finger symbolizes their promise of staying true to each other for the rest of their lives. But a pure emotion doesn’t need to be necessarily expressed in the purest form symbolizing a white diamond. It can be told in the various shades of purity. For couples who want to add a dash of adventure in their wedding can show their love for each other with colored diamond wedding rings. 

Diamonds come in various colors such as black, yellow, blue, green, pink and brown. So, depending on your personal favorite color, you can profess your love for your partner in your wedding ring style. There are many celebrities who have taken up this style and made it a rage. Some of the celebrities who have dared to be non-traditionalist are Scarlett Johansson, Anna Kournikova, Rebecca Romijn and Heidi Klum. These celebrities have adorned colored diamond engagement rings and dared to flaunt their individuality and style. Always remember that you do not need to be a traditionalist to be beautiful. You can choose to show your dare devil side and yet look stunning. So go for colored wedding rings this season and be the belle of the ball. 

Pink Engagement Rings

Pink is the color of a beautiful feminine bride. It is also the color that sets you apart from all other traditionalist brides. So, if you want to break the rules and yet look feminine on your wedding, choose pink diamonds. Pink diamonds execute beauty and richness as they are rarest of the rare diamonds. Pink diamonds look great not only in platinum but gold as well. So, if you are not interested in having a white diamond as your wedding ring, pink is the most suited diamond apart from the traditional white diamond. 

There are many celebrities who have adorned the style and have dared to be different. Anna Kournikova, is one of the celebrities who have chosen pink as the color of her wedding ring. Other celebrities who have followed the trend of pink wedding rings are Blake Lively and Mariah Carey. These Hollywood divas have taken the road less taken and made it a style statement. Jennifer Lopez is heart throb who choose to set her own style by flaunting a pink diamond engagement ring. 

So, make your wedding rings unique and special by having pink diamonds set in different metals such as gold and platinum to stand out among your peers. 

Engagement Ring Styles

An engagement ring is a piece of jewelry that you will wear on your ring finger of your hand for the rest of your life. So, be it lustrous, modern, understated or classic, buy an engagement ring that suits your personal style. Depending on your core personality, your engagement ring styles will differ. 

Traditionalist: If you are a traditionalist at heart, choose a timeless piece. Choose platinum as it gives an eternal look to engagement rings. When you are getting custom made engagement rings, have similar etching on both bride and groom’s engagement rings.. A bride’s engagement will look great if it has a round cut diamond row studded in it. Let the groom’s engagement ring be simple with two rows of milgrain pattern. Have an engraving on both the rings to give them a personal touch. 

Sophisticated: If you prefer sophisticated look with a classic touch, mix tradition and modern design to give it a unique look. For brides, choose an engagement ring with princess cut diamonds in a single strand. Groom’s ring can be thicker with two thin rings in contrasting metal. 

Friday, August 1, 2014

Types of Diamond

Diamonds are the finest jewelry items worn by lot of people worldwide. Take a look in the infographic to see some facts about the diamond rings.


Monday, July 28, 2014

Choosing Bridal Jewelry

Choosing bridal jewelry is a task for any bride, making their head spin. So, if you are a bride-to-be, then choosing bridal jewelry is one of the tasks that should be on the top of your mind. Here are certain questions that you should ask yourself before buying bridal jewelry -

Do you want to wear your bridal jewelry again? If the answer to this question is yes, then you try different, elaborate and unique sets complementing your dress. But if the answer to this question is no, then go for jewelry that will complement your regular wear, as well. Selecting pearls or diamond earnings in this case will prove to be the best option as they complement formal office attire along with other dresses. 

What is the budget of bridal jewelry? Before selecting any kind of bridal jewelry, set yourself a budget that you must not exceed. Many times brides spend an extravagant amount on their bridal jewelry only to realize later that they are not to wear that jewelry ever again. 

Shopping for bridal jewelry can be a confusing task with plethora of options available in the market. So ask yourself these relevant questions before purchasing your bridal jewelry

What’s Your Jewelry Style

Every bride is different and so is her jewelry. So, when you go out there to buy your bridal jewelry, know the types of jewelry that will give you different looks on your wedding day. There are two types of brides with their own unique fashion tastes preferring different styles of jewelry:

Classic bride: If you like things elegant and simple, then you are the classic bride. Brides, who want to look eternal, prefer wearing pearls and diamonds with minimalist look. The gown holds the central position as you want all eyes to be on your gown rather than your jewelry. Going simple with minimalist will create a perfect classic bride look for you. 

Modern Diva Bride: You are the modern bride who isn’t afraid of experimenting with colors and bold designs. If you recognize yourself with it, then bold crystal designs in varied colors in varied colors can do the trick for your perfect bridal jewelry. In these cases, buy your jewelry first and then find a bridal grown that complements it later. 

So, select your bridal jewelry in Toronto to complement your style on your wedding day with the bridal jewelry that will make you look like belle of the ball. 

Royal Bridal Jewelry Wedding Style

If you want to look like royalty on your wedding day, then wear it in their style. The Duchess of Cambridge’s Catherine Middleton is the modern age royal bride who wore timeless jewels to look elegant on her wedding day. Jeweled in Cartier “halo” tiara to support her veil, she looked classy and elegant. The tiara was gifted to Queen Elizabeth II on her 18th birthday by her mother. Kate Middleton wore the royal tiara on her wedding with Prince Williams. 

To complement the tiara, Kate Middleton’s parents gifted her bridal earrings designed like oak leaves that had a pear shaped diamond set drop in addition to a pave set diamond acorn suspended in the centre. Interestingly, she did not wore any neckpiece, which is opposite of a typical bridal jewelry set.  Instead she wore a high neck bridal gown with heavy embroidery on it. The high neck of the bridal gown filled the neck area and the missing neckpiece was not felt by anyone. 

So, if you want to look different with bridal jewelry in Toronto, wear a tiara with matching drop bridal earrings that compliments your tiara, to look like royalty on your wedding day.  

Diamond Jewelry for Men

Men and jewelry have not been synonymous as many men are afraid to wear diamond jewelry. A popular belief among men is that diamond jewelry is only meant for women. However, unlike the widespread image of diamonds among men, they can be worn by both men and women. 

Men’s and women’s diamond jewelry differ in their styles and designs. While women’s diamond jewelry is delicate and dainty, men, on the other hand, like wearing bold designs. So, if your man likes wearing jewelry, you can present him with  designer jewelry set in diamonds that will look bold and masculine. 

1. Celtic Designs: These designs are inspired by Celtic ancestry and come in rings, bracelets, necklaces and cuff links. This style of jewelry is attractive and yet conveys deeper messages of love and eternity for people who wear them.

2. Black Jewelry: Diamonds doesn’t have to be set in gold. There are various options for metal with diamonds such as tungsten carbide, stainless steel and titanium. These rings look give an industrial and bold look to diamonds when worn by men.   

Diamond’s Rich History

Diamonds has been long associated with mankind with a rich history that dates back to thousands of years. And after all these years, their value has never faded away. Various societies’ used diamonds for various purposes. But its synonymy with engagement rings started in the 15th century. The first diamond engagement ring was presented in the late 1400s by Maximilian who was Archduke of Austria, when he married Mary of Burgandy. However, it was not until the 20th century that they became a universal symbol for marriage.  Many earlier cultures held diamond in great respect, with some believing that wearing it in left hand wards off evil and accumulates fortune for the individual who wears it. 

Talking about the origins of the word ‘diamond’, it is believed that it was derived from the ‘adàmas’ from Greek language meaning unbreakable. The first country where diamonds were mined was India and then later in Brazil. Today, South Africa is the biggest supplier all over the world for diamonds. 

A diamond’s clarity is based on the 4 C’s of cut, clarity, carat and color. A diamond which is graded on a higher scale will have all of these qualities in the right quantity. So, if you want to purchase wedding ring for your beloved, diamonds are the best choice to express your love. 

How to detect a real diamond

‘Diamonds are forever’ is a true saying but only when they are real. In the glittering world of sparkling diamonds, there are many fake substitutes, such as, cubic zirconium and glass stones. So, next time while purchasing a diamond, know these little tests that you can conduct to detect if you are paying for the real thing. 

Diamonds are made up of extremely compressed carbon molecules; hence they are not prone to fogging. When you hold the stone in hand, breathe on it. If it is a real diamond, then there will be no fogging on the stone. However, if the stone is made from glass or it is a synthetic diamond, then you would be able to see fogging on it. 

Another test to detect the credibility of a real diamond is its ability to diffuse light. A real diamond refracts light unlike any other stone. When purchasing a diamond, place the stone on a printed paper. If you are able to see letters through it, then it is a fake diamond. A real diamond will diffuse the light to a degree that you would not be able to see anything on the other side except for an intense halo circling the rim of the stone.

So, know these little tests to subject the stone that you are holding in your hand for its genuineness. 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Infographic: Watch for it!

The infographic titled “Watch for it!” from Classic Creations Jewellers shares information about Men’s watches. This infographic will be useful for them to know about how to wear a watch properly.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Significance of Wedding Rings and other Bridal Jewellery

Unless the bride wears beautiful pieces of jewellery, her wedding look remains incomplete. Wearing the right jewellery can greatly enhance her overall appearance and make her wedding day all the more special. Available in different designs and colors, bridal jewellery is an integral part of every wedding.

Wedding rings are one of the most important types of wedding jewellery. They are an outward expression of the love and bond shared by the couple. Wedding rings are a symbol of unity and undying love that a couple shares. They hold a very special significance in all the cultures and traditions.

Today, wedding rings are available in all types of designs and colors. Diamond rings continue to be the most preferred choice of people all over the world. Known for their beauty and elegance, diamond wedding rings can add glamour to your wedding day. Even though they are more expensive than other types of rings, the diamond rings continue to be popular among people.

When it comes to buying wedding rings or other bridal jewellery, there are many options available. If you’re based in Toronto, you can easily visit a reliable showroom to purchase wedding rings. In the recent years, many online stores have also emerged that offer authentic bridal jewellery online. You can easily select and purchase Toronto wedding rings and bands at an online store.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Celebrity inspired engagement rings

We all love our celebrities and follow their trends in our daily lives. Some of our favorite celebrities that people love to follow and make similar engagement rings include Princess Kate Middleton, Madonna, Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera and Salma Hayek.

Princess Kate Middleton’s marriage to Prince William saw a surprising rise in the princess styled replica. Everyone wanted to be like her and get an engagement ring with blue sapphire surrounded by diamonds in white gold. The ring is a 12 carat Ceylon sapphire surrounded by 14 diamonds that are set in white gold. It was presented to her by Prince William and has been a rage globally ever since.

Celebrity like Salma Hayek also sports an engagement ring that has the heart of ladies. The ring in question was presented to her by her husband François-Henri Pinault and is a 5 carat oval-cut center stone surrounded by trillion-shaped diamonds on both sides.

So, if you are planning to get your favorite celebrity styled diamond engagement rings in Toronto, you can go online and check for reputed retailers who can gain your trust.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Black diamonds are forever

A black diamond is one of the rarest types of diamond that are known to mankind. They are believed to be older than white diamonds and have existed for billions of years on this earth. A black diamond has even been presented in movies like Sex and the City in which Carrie is being proposed by Big with a black diamond ring. Black diamonds are considered to be the rarest of the diamonds and are hard to find if you do not look enough.

Just as rare they are, their quality measurement also differs from regular white diamonds. Regular diamonds are judged for their quality on the basis of their lucidity. The more the clear the diamond, the better quality grade is given to it based on its clearness. On the other hand, black diamonds are judged for their quality on the basis of their coloration. The more coloration a black diamond has, the better quality it is considered.

So, if you want to go the unconventional way and make your love unique, black diamonds are forever. They are the perfect choice for people who want to look stylish in the traditional way of wearing engagement rings. If you are looking for Toronto based diamond rings, find a reputable retailer who can surprise you with an exquisite range of diamond rings.

Diamonds at Auction

Most beautiful things come at a price. This is a true statement when it comes to diamonds. The world is obsessed with the beauty of diamonds, with unique diamonds fetching millions of dollars at auctions. Only the rich can purchase it, but that does not stop everyone from admiring its beauty.

  1. The Graff Pink: The diamond is considered as the rarest of the pink diamonds the world has ever seen. The 24 carat diamond was sold for $46 million at Sotheby’s auction. British billionaire jeweler Laurence Graff was the highest bidder and took the eternity with him.
  1. The Switchback-Graff Diamond: British billionaire jeweler Laurence Graff is the purchaser of this piece of jewelry. It was owned by Philip IV of Spain and is considered as a rare diamond the mankind has ever seen. The diamond was originally 35.56-carat before Laurence Graff decided to remove the flaws and made it into 31.06 carats flawless diamond.
  1. The Perfect Pink: The diamond weighs 14.23 carats and is considered to be among the rare diamonds having the perfect pink to its color. The diamond was sold at Christie’s auction in Hong Kong in 2010. An unknown bidder holds the title owning this unique piece of jewelry.

Although even if you are not this affluent to go for diamond auctions, find a reputable jeweler in Toronto who will assist you in finding the best diamond ring for your special day.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

World’s Most Expensive Diamonds

Diamonds are rare to find, but there are some diamonds, which are the rarest among all of them. Below is the list of most expensive diamonds -

  1. Kohinoor: The Kohinoor diamond is the oldest diamond recorded in the history of mankind. It dates back to 1304 and is a precious stone presented to Queen Victoria by an Indian Prince. The diamond weighs 108.93 carats and is the rarest of the diamonds known to mankind.
  1. The Excelsior: It is considered as the second largest diamond in the world after Kohinoor.
  1. The Great Mogul: The diamond was discovered in India back in 17th century in India. The diamond was named after the Mogul emperor Shah Jehan who is known to be the Taj Mahal builder.
  1. The Great Star Of Africa: The diamond is considered to be the biggest cut diamond and is one of the prized possessions of Africa.
  1. The Idol’s Eye: The diamond weighs 70.20 carats and is the size of bantam’s egg. If legends are to be believed, then it was given in ransom by Sheik of Kashmir for Princess Rasheetah to her abductor Sultan of Turkey.

So, become a part of history and look for diamond jewellers in Toronto that give you your unique diamond.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Royalty Rings at their best

Engagement rings are precious items of jewelry whose value increases many folds over a period of time. But, when it comes to royalty, the price escalation has no limits. Engagement rings that are worn by Queen Elizabeth and Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton have seen the inflation that cannot be compared to any other ordinary ring escalation.

Queen Elizabeth was presented with a diamond ring of a 3 carat diamond set in platinum in 1947 by Prince Phillip. The ring was valued at £10,000 at that time. However, today the ring is expected to be valued at £100,000. The ring is the second in number when it comes to its value being escalated due to the royal status of the queen.

But the topper of the list is Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton’s engagement ring. Prince William presented Princess Diana’s engagement ring to her in the fond memory of her mother. The ring was purchased by Prince Charles for Princess Diana in 1981. The value of the ring at the time of its purchase was £28,000. However, today the ring is estimated to be of £300,000 worth.

A diamond has value, but who wears it add its own value to the ring. If you are looking for diamond engagement rings in Toronto, then you can go online and look for a reputable jeweler that can provide you with the diamond you deserve.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Infographic: Top 10 Engagement Facts and Trends

Top Ten Engagement Facts and Trends

Americans spent over 9.6 billion dollars on wedding & engagement rings in 2010. For more facts and trends in engagement rings, checkout the infographic.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Engagement Rings for Summer Wedding

Summer is a time that spreads color and vibrancy in the air. If you are having a summer wedding, then you have many options to choose a unique engagement ring. Summer is a season of colors, so be it the greenery, the sky or the clothes that your guests are going to wear, everything is alive during this season. Hence, one can choose to opt for contemporary engagement rings which have colors embedded in it.

If you want to go with diamonds, you can add sparkles to it by having colored stones around the main diamond. This gives the engagement ring a traditional yet contemporary look. Some of the most famous stones that are used for enhancing the beauty of diamonds are red and blue. Another choice in diamonds is yellow diamonds as they are extremely unique and perfect for summer season.

You can choose from a variety of floral patterns that will go perfect for a summer wedding. A pair of interlocking leaves and other such designs will add the glamour to your summer wedding. Ivy and wreath designs are some of the sought-after choices for floral engagement rings. So, if you having a summer wedding make it special in the most romantic way by finding a reputable engagement rings store in Toronto.