Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Eternity Diamond Rings: What to Look For

What is an eternity ring?
As the name suggests, Eternity Diamond Ring is a metal band made of platinum gold, or silver, which have diamonds that go around the entire band of the ring in a continuous line. Eternity rings have spellbinding history. Early Egyptians invented eternity rings because they believed that the bond of marriage between a man and a woman was so strong which could not be interrupted by death.

Types of eternity diamond rings
  • “Full” eternity rings feature a full circle embellishment of diamonds. 
  • “Half” eternity rings have diamonds set across only on the top face of the ring.
Eternity ring settings
Diamonds are the most popular precious stones selected by people for their eternity rings and colored gemstones are highly personal. Various ring setting styles are available in eternity rings. One can choose from bezel settings, bar settings, shared prong setting, micro pavé setting, grain settings, channel settings and claw settings among the more popular styles.

Eternity rings are for both men and women
Eternity rings are not only worn by women, but men also prefer to wear these rings because of their fashionable look. Modern designs in eternity rings have made them favorite jewellery for men too. Eternity rings are worn on the fourth finger of the left hand.

Eternity rings stand for everlasting love and commitment. They are usually purchased during marriage anniversaries as a way to symbolize the never ending love between a husband and wife. Mark a special occasion by purchasing a pair of eternity rings for you and your wife from an online Toronto diamond ring store.


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