Thursday, September 18, 2014

History and Trend of Watches- Then and Now [InfoGraphic]

From centuries watches and clocks have been regarded as one of the oldest items that were developed by our ancestors. 
Historical records can be witnessed from 3500 B.C, when the first sundials were introduced in the Ancient Egypt. After then, the trend for watches did not cease. With the introduction of sand glass clocks introduced in 300 AD, mechanical clock, which was introduced in England in the year 1368, the minute hand watch which came in the year 1577, to the first electric clock which was developed and introduced in 1840 by Alexander Bain, invention of personal watches was introduced in 1900, Linux wristwatch which drove the crowd crazy in the year 1998 and the list goes on. 
The trend of watches has never disappeared and some of the leading mobile brands today from Samsung, Sony to Apple have also established a niche in delivering an exclusive collection of watch to users. 
Watch is not only a timely-asset but a beautiful accessory that can accentuate the personality of anyone, regardless of the gender. While, watches have become common, you can look for a wonderful watch for yourself or for your dear one as per the latest trend in watches.

Below is the infographic depicting the evolution of watches from centuries. Here you will find all the details from the origin of watches till date.

Chronology of Watches


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