Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Diamond Ring Shape and Your Personality

A lot is revealed about our personalities by the way we talk, movies we love to watch, music we listen to, type of clothes we wear, and the way we choose to accessorize ourselves. Studies have shown that the diamond rings worn by us are also a reflection of our inner selves. Here is a look at the different cuts and shapes of the diamond rings and what they reveal about our personality –

Oval cut – If you wear an oval cut diamond ring, then it suggests that you can balance things easily. This is a shape most preferred by modern traditionalists and creative women. You can balance both your personal and professional lives with natural poise and ease. Salma Hayek and Katherine Heigl are some of the celebrities who sport an oval cut ring.

Round cut – From Avril Lavigne, Gwyneth Paltrow to Fergie, round shape is one of the most preferred diamond ring shapes. If you too prefer a round diamond ring, then you are easygoing and someone who can be trusted.

Cushion cut – This spectacular shape makes women go weak in their knees. Rectangular with aesthetically rounded sides, cushion shaped diamond rings are most preferred by women who are daring and organized. Jennifer Garner sports this shaped ring gifted by Ben Affleck. So does Anne Hathaway. Need we say more?

Emerald cut – Head strong and glamorous, emerald shaped ring is the choice of strong willed and glamorous women. So if you consider yourself a diva, then emerald – asscher is the cut for you. Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce Knowles and Jessica Alba are a few divas to name a few who sport this cut diamond ring.

Princess cut – Princess cut is a beautiful contemporary design that is a radiant geometric cut. This cut is the favorite of bold, fun loving, assertive and independent women. Victoria Beckham and Sharon Stone can be spotted flaunting a princess cut diamond ring.

Radiant cut – Radiant cut is a contemporary and unconventional shape which is fast becoming famous, especially among the sporty and daring ladies who want to break away from the conventional. So if you spot Hilary Duff wearing a 14-carat radiant cut diamond engagement ring or Jessica Biel, Khloe Kardashian or Drew Barrymore sporting a radiant cut each, you do not have to think twice why.

Whether you are searching online or visiting a local store to buy your engagement ring, make sure to select the one that suits your personality.


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