Monday, March 25, 2013

The 4Cs of Buying a Diamond Ring

Diamonds are a girl’s best friends and there are ample examples to prove this. So when you are buying a diamond ring to impress her, here are the 4 Commandants that you need to keep in mind –

Carat – Weight and size of the diamond is measured in carats. The size of an average diamond ring lies between one and one and a half carat. Make sure the ring you get is of the right carat.

Cut – Diamond is the hardest metal known and a bad craftsman can rob it of its original sheen if it is not cut to perfection. An impeccable cut gives a diamond its characteristic shine and its signature ‘fire effect’. Make sure that the diamond ring that you choose is precisely cut as the cut also determines the shape of the diamond.

Clarity – Another aspect to look in the diamonds is the clarity. Small inclusions occurring during the formation process can make your diamond a little blurred, affecting its fire effect. Always go for diamonds that are clear to create a magnificent brilliant effect.

Color – Diamond pieces that are colorless are considered as the most valuable and best diamonds as they enable the light to be refracted the most. Diamonds on a slightly colorful side absorb light leading to less sparkle.

Keep these 4 Cs of buying Toronto diamond rings in mind and gift your beloved the diamond that she deserves.


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