Monday, March 25, 2013

Common Diamond Scams by Jewelry Stores

The lack of knowledge and the excitement of sporting exclusive diamond jewelry make people forget that they can be duped by jewelers. Here are some of the common diamond scams that you should know to save you from getting duped by fraudulent jewelers –

One of the most common scams is the ‘Total Weight’ scam where the jeweler gives you the total weight of all the diamonds in the jewelry item instead of giving the carat weight of each diamond. Since the combined carat weight of all the diamonds is more than the weight of the individual pieces, the buyer is forced to believe that he is buying a bigger diamond.

In order to make the diamond shine brightly and enchant the onlookers, most jewelers use florescent lighting that makes even the dullest diamond to shine brightly. When examining the piece, it is advisable to check it in darker lights to check the exact shine of the diamond piece.

In order to get pure diamond jewelry, it is advisable to buy Toronto engagement rings from trusted jewelers. Keep these tips in mind and flaunt a magnificent diamond.


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