Monday, August 19, 2013

Hottest Jewelry Trends this Year

For some reasons, women do not get enough of the jewelry and they want to get hold of the latest fashionable pieces that they can find. If you too are looking for the latest trends in jewelry, read below to find more –

  • Geometric shapes are back in fashion. From triangles, rectangles to patterns of circles, geometric shapes are selling like hot cakes this year.
  • Yellow and white gold will never go out from fashion. However, rose gold is definitely catching up with fashionistas.
  • Metal link chains have moved from their domain of bags and belts and now they are a hot trend in jewelry as well.
  • Bold is the new fashion statement with women sporting oversized watches and wide cuff bracelets.
  • We say the rise in neon jewelry last year and this trend has carried to this year as well. Neon colored chains and neon colored metals are the ultra cool trend in jewelry.

If you are planning to buy jewelry or gift it to someone you love, it is necessary to keep the latest trends in fashion. Make sure you buy jewelry in which you are comfortable and always buy jewelry from reputed jewelry stores only.


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