Thursday, October 24, 2013

Some Lesser Known Facts about Diamonds

From celebrities to common folks, we all love diamonds. Whether it is a huge diamond ring, a tiny diamond ear stud or a gem-studded diamond necklace, diamond is that precious stone, which has always attracted our imaginations and bedazzled us from time immortal. However, are you aware of some interesting facts about diamonds? Here are some lesser known facts about diamonds that will interest you –

  • Diamonds were considered to be rare in the ancient times. However, diamonds are not that rare as proclaimed. Although it is true that high carat diamonds are hard to find but that does not make diamonds rare.

  • Substantiating the above fact, approximately 80% of the diamonds found can not be made into jewelry. 

  • Diamonds are formed 90-120 miles beneath earth’s surface. It is the volcanic eruptions that carry diamonds to the surface of the earth.

  • You love your diamond rings and there is no doubt in it. However, owing to its hardness, Chinese in the Stone Age used to polish their burial axes made from corundum with diamonds.

  • Although diamonds today are worn as a style statement or to showcase your love towards your loved one, people in the ancient times used to wear diamonds as it was believed to enhance invincibility, courage and strength. 

  • The word diamond is derived from ‘Adamas’, a Greek word whose literal meaning is indestructible and unconquerable. 

  • Although diamonds are mostly found in African countries, first discovery of diamond goes back to 3 billion years in India and then Brazil.

  • The production of a single 1 carat diamond, it takes mining of approximately 250 tons of earth.

  • Even though the US has less than 1% of the total diamond mines in the world, the country is the biggest importer of diamonds with over half the world’s demand for diamonds coming from here.

  • Cullinan, 3106 carats, is the largest diamond that has been ever found.

  • Diamond is not always pale or colorless. Diamond can be pink, green, red, orange, blue, brown or black as well.

So now you know a lot of facts about diamonds, it will help you find the best diamond that is suited for you. Choose a reputable Toronto jewelry store and bring the best diamond for you.


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