Thursday, January 16, 2014

Why to Consider the 4Cs when Buying Diamond Jewelry?

Not only women, but men are also crazy for diamonds. Buying a diamond is a feeling that can only be felt and not expressed completely in words. The 4Cs of diamond buying suggest the criteria that should be considered when purchasing Toronto engagement rings. 4Cs are important as they cover all the facets of a diamond so that you bring home the best and most authentic diamond. Below are the 4Cs and why they should be considered –

Carat – Carat is the measurement of the weight and size of the diamond. Most authentic diamonds lie between one and one and a half carat. Check the label to know the carat before buying the diamond.

Clarity – Clarity is another aspect to look in the diamonds when buying them. A diamond has a fire effect that can be affected by minuscule inclusions that occur during the formation. It is essential to examine the diamonds closely and look for imperfections.

Cut – Diamond is the hardest metal known. However, an unprofessional craftsman can deprive it of its beauty. An immaculate cut makes the diamond shine at its natural best.

Color – The colorless a diamond, the better and more valuable it is considered. Always look at the diamond color and see to it if it is reflecting the light properly or not.

These are the 4 Cs of a diamond and they should be considered when buying a diamond for you.


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