Saturday, March 15, 2014

Buying Diamond Rings on Budget

Diamonds have always been associated with opulence and this is a reason they command a price for them. However, sometimes we are under a financial constraint, making it tough for us to buy the diamonds. When buying a diamond ring, one should never overlook the 4Cs - color, cut, carat and clarity. Although it does not mean that you have to get the most expensive diamond always. Read below to find some tips will help you in buying a diamond ring when on a budget –

  • The metal of the ring is responsible for enhancing the cost of the ring. When you are on a shoe string budget, avoid expensive metals, especially platinum and palladium as they will increase the total cost of the ring. You can opt for cheaper metals, such as white gold, silver or titanium for the band.
  • Another trick is to purchase several smaller diamond pieces rather than a larger diamond for the ring. A large diamond piece is designed with more precision; therefore it can cost you more.
  • You can also club smaller diamonds with a larger precious stone as it will substantially reduce the total cost.
  • You can also opt for platinum-plated models with a silver base.

Keep these tips in mind and search reputable diamond jewelry stores as they would help you in finding the best diamond ring for you.


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