Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Popular diamond shaped rings

Diamonds are forever. It is a true saying as the love of diamonds can never fade away. They have always been a woman’s best friend and will always be. If you are planning to propose to your lover for the rest of your life, present her with an engagement ring that she will not forget. An engagement ring is a piece of jewelry that women love to flaunt around their family and friends. There are various designs which are famous for diamond engagement rings.

  1. Round Cut: This is one of the most famous designs when one talks about diamond engagement and wedding rings as it is believed that a diamond cut into a round shape exhibits its best qualities.

  1. Emerald Cut: The shape of the emerald cut engagement ring is rectangular in shape. This cut is mostly made in stones which are extremely high quality. It is believed that in this cut, the clarity of the stone is extremely clear.

  1. Heart shape cut: A heart shaped cut is one of the unique designs in engagement rings. It is a shape that requires craftsmanship to the very detail.

Weddings are special. Choose from a plethora of incredibly stunning diamond rings for your wife. The smile and happiness on her face would be the most special moment that you will cherish for your lifetime.


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