Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Diamond Ring Settings: A Guide

No two wedding ceremonies are same, no two brides are same! Every woman has her own one-of-a-kind persona and fashion sensibilities. You must select a ring setting that showcases her unique personality to make an extraordinary difference in your wedding ceremony. A perfect diamond ring is one that will win her heart. This guide will help you choose a ring setting that showcases the diamond in its full glory:
  • The bezel setting is perfect for an active lifestyle because of its modern look and simple design.
  • The solitaire setting rings let the center diamond speak for itself. Beautifully refined solitaire engagement rings look timeless and exceptional.
  • The prong setting holds the center diamond tightly at the center. Prongs can be rounded, flat, pointed, or V-shaped. 
  • The pavĂ© setting features tiny diamonds across the band along with a center big diamond. The benefit of this setting is that it gives extra sparkle to the diamond ring.
  • In the halo setting, smaller diamonds in a concentric circle or square surround a center stone. One can use smaller carat diamonds in the halo setting without sacrificing the overall look of the ring.
  • The split-shank setting refers to an engagement ring in which the shank splits into two separate shanks. 
  • In the three-stone setting, two smaller side diamonds dramatically frame the center gemstone. 
  • Bar and channel settings are similar in a way that smaller diamonds are set in a row to decorate the entire ring. The only difference is that in the bar setting, smaller diamonds are left exposed while in channel setting, side diamonds remain enclosed.

One can choose to combine one or more ring settings to get the modern, contemporary, vintage or antique look. Diamond wedding rings that are masterfully handcrafted and beautifully designed can perfectly match her personal style. Get more ideas about different ring settings from an online Toronto wedding rings store and select a ring that shines as much as your bride-to-be. 


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