Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Man’s Guide to Diamonds

It is said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach but what holds the key to a woman’s heart? To find the way to a woman’s heart, the easiest and the sure shot way is to gift her exquisite diamond jewelry. But since selecting the right diamond is not a piece of cake, especially for guys, here is a guide to finding the best diamond for your girl –

Budget – As feared by most bridegrooms to be, buying a diamond ring will not hit you under the belt nor it will make you compromise on your yacht honeymoon in the Mediterranean. Diamonds come in all the prices and therefore you need to decide the budget accordingly. Learn about the 4Cs (Cut, Carat, Color and Clarity) of diamonds as this will help you in buying the right one without you having to shell more money than required.

Size of the ring – Once you have decided on the budget, next thing is to decide the ring size. Either you can steal/borrow one of her rings or take a sneak peak into her jewelry box. However, there is a better alternative than any of those. You can ask your fiancée or girl about her preference. Diamond engagement rings last a lifetime and mean a lot to the bride. Do not spoil her thrill by gifting her something that she does not appreciate.

Quality – As discussed in the first point, check out the quality of the diamond that you are buying. Look out for flaws in the cut and setting of the diamond. If the girdle is frosty, then it is a real diamond. However, if the girdle is waxy, it is fake. Another way to know if the diamond is real is to breathe onto the stone. If it stays foggy for sometime, then it is not real. Ask the jeweler for a Certificate of Authenticity before buying a diamond.

Shape – This is a trickier part. Just like deciding the size, you will also have to decide on the shape. The best option is to ask your girl about her preference. You have to make a choice between different shapes from princess cut, oval, round, or heart or pear-shaped to make the right decision.

A diamond ring is a symbol of undying love. Keep these pointers in mind and select the best diamond ring for your girl.


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