Sunday, July 28, 2013

Outrageously Crazy and Weird Marriage Proposals

Proposing to your love can sometimes be tricky, especially when you are not sure what to say. Butterflies in stomach and the sheer thought of getting a no for the answer make people not to say what they ought to. But if they answer in an affirmative, rest is all history. Here is a look at the craziest and wackiest proposals that will either get you shocked or rolling on the floor laughing –

  • Portland-based Issac Lamb gathered 60 of his friends and shot their video lip syncing to ‘Marry Me’ by Bruno Mars. He then got this video on YouTube and made his girlfriend watch it. Not only did she say yes, but the video soon went viral.

  • Love needs no language and this happened when an associate director at a famous tech site made an infographic and posted it online to propose to his love. With all the stats and technological lingo, the infographic was actually adorable.

  • In this crazy proposal, this guy fell off the terrace in front of his girlfriend, landing safely on the cushion support. When his girlfriend, in shock went to the edge, she saw the big signs asking – Will You Marry Me?

  • Proposing with a ring is ok, but this guy went overboard and pinned the diamond ring to the collar of his girlfriend’s cat. Although that is a different story if the kitty returned the ring easily or not.

  • In this cute proposal, this guy named Ryan after complaining of tooth pain for almost two weeks finally went to the dentist with his girlfriend. The dentist showed his girlfriend his X-ray and there was an outline of a diamond ring alongside his teeth!

  • This couple went skydiving in Dallas and when they were free falling, the girl saw a huge banner asking her to marry the guy. On landing, she found her mother and best friend there and the guy proposed to her with her grandmother’s antique diamond ring.

People go to any lengths to express their love to their loved one. However, for the less-daring, there is an easier way out. One of the easiest and classiest ways to propose is to gift her magnificent diamond ring that sweeps her off her feet. Select the best engagement ring and letyour single lady put a ring to it.


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