Thursday, May 1, 2014

Mistakes Guys Make when Gifting Diamond Rings to their Partner

Rings, whether they are engagement rings or wedding rings, they are always special. They are always cherished by the couple as they remind them of the times when they started this blissful journey called love. However, men often make mistakes when gifting diamond engagement rings. Below are some of the major mistakes men make while gifting a ring to their partner –

Ignoring the 4Cs of a diamond – The 4Cs of a diamond are its cut, color, carat and clarity. These 4Cs are the major criterion that should be the basis of your diamond buying. One should be very peculiar about these as the diamond you find charming may be actually a fake or poor quality diamond and no guy would like to do that.

Not considering your girl’s preference – Although diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but it does not make that they will cherish any diamond ring that you will gift to her. The best thing is to go and ask her about her preference. If you are giving her a surprise, get a sneak peek into her jewelry collection or subtly ask her and then gift her something that matches her taste.

Diamonds are precious and they can make any dull moment come alive. Keep these mistakes in mind and do not commit them when gifting them to your lady love.


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