Thursday, June 19, 2014

Black diamonds are forever

A black diamond is one of the rarest types of diamond that are known to mankind. They are believed to be older than white diamonds and have existed for billions of years on this earth. A black diamond has even been presented in movies like Sex and the City in which Carrie is being proposed by Big with a black diamond ring. Black diamonds are considered to be the rarest of the diamonds and are hard to find if you do not look enough.

Just as rare they are, their quality measurement also differs from regular white diamonds. Regular diamonds are judged for their quality on the basis of their lucidity. The more the clear the diamond, the better quality grade is given to it based on its clearness. On the other hand, black diamonds are judged for their quality on the basis of their coloration. The more coloration a black diamond has, the better quality it is considered.

So, if you want to go the unconventional way and make your love unique, black diamonds are forever. They are the perfect choice for people who want to look stylish in the traditional way of wearing engagement rings. If you are looking for Toronto based diamond rings, find a reputable retailer who can surprise you with an exquisite range of diamond rings.


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