Wednesday, June 18, 2014

World’s Most Expensive Diamonds

Diamonds are rare to find, but there are some diamonds, which are the rarest among all of them. Below is the list of most expensive diamonds -

  1. Kohinoor: The Kohinoor diamond is the oldest diamond recorded in the history of mankind. It dates back to 1304 and is a precious stone presented to Queen Victoria by an Indian Prince. The diamond weighs 108.93 carats and is the rarest of the diamonds known to mankind.
  1. The Excelsior: It is considered as the second largest diamond in the world after Kohinoor.
  1. The Great Mogul: The diamond was discovered in India back in 17th century in India. The diamond was named after the Mogul emperor Shah Jehan who is known to be the Taj Mahal builder.
  1. The Great Star Of Africa: The diamond is considered to be the biggest cut diamond and is one of the prized possessions of Africa.
  1. The Idol’s Eye: The diamond weighs 70.20 carats and is the size of bantam’s egg. If legends are to be believed, then it was given in ransom by Sheik of Kashmir for Princess Rasheetah to her abductor Sultan of Turkey.

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