Monday, July 28, 2014

How to detect a real diamond

‘Diamonds are forever’ is a true saying but only when they are real. In the glittering world of sparkling diamonds, there are many fake substitutes, such as, cubic zirconium and glass stones. So, next time while purchasing a diamond, know these little tests that you can conduct to detect if you are paying for the real thing. 

Diamonds are made up of extremely compressed carbon molecules; hence they are not prone to fogging. When you hold the stone in hand, breathe on it. If it is a real diamond, then there will be no fogging on the stone. However, if the stone is made from glass or it is a synthetic diamond, then you would be able to see fogging on it. 

Another test to detect the credibility of a real diamond is its ability to diffuse light. A real diamond refracts light unlike any other stone. When purchasing a diamond, place the stone on a printed paper. If you are able to see letters through it, then it is a fake diamond. A real diamond will diffuse the light to a degree that you would not be able to see anything on the other side except for an intense halo circling the rim of the stone.

So, know these little tests to subject the stone that you are holding in your hand for its genuineness. 


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