Monday, July 28, 2014

What’s Your Jewelry Style

Every bride is different and so is her jewelry. So, when you go out there to buy your bridal jewelry, know the types of jewelry that will give you different looks on your wedding day. There are two types of brides with their own unique fashion tastes preferring different styles of jewelry:

Classic bride: If you like things elegant and simple, then you are the classic bride. Brides, who want to look eternal, prefer wearing pearls and diamonds with minimalist look. The gown holds the central position as you want all eyes to be on your gown rather than your jewelry. Going simple with minimalist will create a perfect classic bride look for you. 

Modern Diva Bride: You are the modern bride who isn’t afraid of experimenting with colors and bold designs. If you recognize yourself with it, then bold crystal designs in varied colors in varied colors can do the trick for your perfect bridal jewelry. In these cases, buy your jewelry first and then find a bridal grown that complements it later. 

So, select your bridal jewelry in Toronto to complement your style on your wedding day with the bridal jewelry that will make you look like belle of the ball. 


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