Thursday, September 18, 2014

Antique-inspired Engagement Rings

In the modern times that we live in, antique is fashionable! Many wedding and engagement rings are styled in antique designs to give it an old age Victorian look. There are many celebrities and royal people that have adorned this look and made it a style statement that has become a rage. 

Halle Barry is one such celebrity who has adorned this look with her emerald ring set in gold. In a quiet engagement ceremony with Oliver Martinez, she adorned a custom made engagement ring which has square cut emerald with two diamonds on both sides. The ring is sure to dazzle the crowd with its unique setting and style.

Milla Jovovich’s ring is so stunningly beautiful and antique-inspired that it makes her look truly gorgeous. On her engagement with producer husband Paul Anderson, she flaunted a 19th century inspired ring consisting of three stones -a faint pink diamond at the center with two yellow diamonds on both sides The ring unlike many celebrity rings is made in gold rather than platinum.

Jacqueline Kennedy is another famous personality who chose to wear an engagement ring that was inspired by antique design. The ring has 2.84 carat emerald along with 2.88 carat diamond. The design looks extremely elegant and antique-inspired.

You too can flaunt these antique rings to look fabulous and unique on your wedding day.


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