Thursday, September 18, 2014

Dare to be Different - Mens Diamond Bands

Although diamonds will remain in vogue forever as the top choice for wedding bands, there are many who have started to tread on the path less chosen. More and more individuals including celebrities are opting for sapphire stone as a preferred choice in their wedding band.

Among the celebrities who have set the trend are Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem. When Javier made the proposal, he chose to say it in the most unique way with a vintage diamond wedding ring. The main stone was sapphire surrounded by flower-shaped halo of diamonds. The ring looks classic and has set a new trend for vintage-styled wedding bands.

Elizabeth Hurley sports a huge engagement ring that has sapphire as its main stone. The ring is presented to her by Australian cricketer, Shane Warne and is considered one of the most beautiful celebrity engagement rings ever flaunted. The ring has a square cut sapphire with two diamonds on both sides.

Kate Middleton’s engagement ring is among the most copied ring ever so far. Presented to her by Prince Williams, it is the most celebrated sapphire ring. The engagement ring belonged to late princess Diana. It is set in an oval shaped sapphire with sixteen diamonds surrounding it.

Just like the celebrities and royal people flaunting these unique sapphire rings, you too can make your wedding dazzling by choosing daring wedding engagement bands.


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