Monday, March 30, 2015

Diamond Jewellery: Market Statistics and Facts

This infographic presents a forecast for revenue distribution of the global diamond jewellery market for 2015 and gives an overview of some of the major diamond hubs in the world. It also presents some facts about the global diamond jewellery market.

The world diamond market is represented by mining of rough diamonds and trading of polished diamonds. The bulk of the world diamond resources is concentrated in seven countries, including Canada, Australia, Ghana, Botswana, Russia, South Africa and Angola. However, most of the diamond reserves in the world are hold by the African and Russian countries. Based on the diamond jewellery turnover per year, Antwerp is the world’s biggest diamond hub, while Dubai has emerged as the fastest growing diamond hub in recent years. The largest trading centers of polished diamonds in the world are Hong Kong and New York. Over the recent years, the diamond market has witnessed steady growth despite economic uncertainties in 2012. Current estimations suggest that the diamond market will remain balanced from 2013-2017.


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