Monday, April 13, 2015

Brief History of Engagement Rings [Infographic]

If gifting a beautifully adorned engagement ring is what on your mind, then you must be grateful of this thought. An engagement ring signifies your deepest love for your loved one. With a simple yet elegant engagement ring, you can not only move the heart of the lady in your life like the ancient Europeans and Egyptians but you can also wear it as a remembrance of your lovely relationship like the American men did during the World War-2.

The significance of engagement rings dates back to the ancient era when in the 17th century, people of England and France introduced ‘Posy Rings’ meaning a love poem inscribed inside the ring.

With a myriad of love meanings, you can express your heartiest emotions without having to think much. A ruby, diamond or sapphire studded engagement would just do the wonders in your new or old relationship which you might want to take further.


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