Tuesday, September 17, 2013

How to Make Diamond Jewelry Affordable?

Everyone loves diamonds and especially women who go crooning over them. If you are planning to buy diamond jewelry for the lady in your life, but feel the budget crunch, here are some ways through which you can buy her favorite diamond jewelry without hurting your wallet –

  • Apart from the size and quality of the diamond, one thing that contributes to the cost of the diamond is the choice of the metal. If you are on a budget go for palladium or gold instead of platinum.

  • 18 carat gold sounds royal but choosing 14 carat gold is a better option as it will not affect the quality of the ring.

  • If you are going for white gold, select the lesser pure variant as it will not only be less expensive, but will also more durable and whiter.

  • Most people stress on the clarity of the diamonds. However, diamonds with a little less clarity are a better option for people as they are cheaper but do not look any cheaper with naked eye.

  • Just like everything else, shopping for diamonds online can save a lot of your dollars as well.

If you are planning to buy diamond engagement rings in Toronto, do not let the cost factor spoil ruin your plans. Keep these points in mind and select a reputable jeweler for a stunning diamond jewelry.


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