Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Setting a Budget for Buying Diamond Jewelry

It is true that diamonds are forever. These sparkling gems are the best way to showcase your love towards your loved one. If you are planning to gift diamond ring or diamond jewelry to your better half, here is how you can set your budget –

  • First you have to find out what your partner desires in a diamond ring. Your budget will depend upon the size, style, and quality of the diamond.
  • Once you are sure about the preference, now you will have to see which C of the 4Cs of the diamond you can sacrifice. If your fiancĂ©e desires a huge diamond, then you can compromise on the clarity.
  • Your budget will also depend upon your financial condition. In addition, if both the partners are contributing for the diamond ring, this would mean you getting a better diamond engagement ring.
  • The metal in which the diamond will be set also plays a deciding factor. Platinum might be the hottest choice when it comes to the choice of the metal, but you can also go for cheaper alternatives such as palladium or silver as well.

Choosing the right diamond jewelry matters a lot. Keep these pointers in mind and select the jewelry that does not burn a whole in your pockets.


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